The Most Reliable 2021 Luxury Midsize SUVs

Luxury midsize SUVs are ideal if you want an extra powerful and pampering ride. There are many options in this segment that boast superior amenities. But which luxury midsize SUVs are the most reliable? 

Unsurprisingly, the most reliable midsize luxury SUVs belong to Lexus

A white 2021 Lexus GX full-size SUV drives through the snow
A 2021 Lexus GX in action | Photo via Lexus

Lexus continues to be the most reliable luxury car brand for 2021, as Consumer Reports’ data shows. CR obtains its reliability data from annual auto surveys to members. The org said that they received responses for about 329,000 vehicles in 2020. 

CR says that Lexus proves that luxury vehicles can be exceptionally reliable. The org currently ranks the  2021 Lexus GX as the most dependable option in the class; it got a perfect five out of five for predicted reliability. The GX is one of the few remaining old-school, truck-based SUVs left. We love that the GX is suitable for off-road adventures and swanky events in the city.  

A sharp, grey 2021 Lexus RX parked on a sleek driveway.
2021 Lexus RX | Lexus

The 2021 Lexus RX L comes in second with a four out of five for predicted reliability. The RX L is the three-row version of the Lexus’ flagship SUV; it can seat seven. Separately, CR gave the five-seater RX model an above-average reliability score as well. And unlike the GX, the RX is available as a hybrid. 

Some complain that the RX isn’t agile enough, but it’s intended for exceptional comfort, not sportiness. For 2021, the RX now comes with even more safety enhancements. What’s also new for this model year is that it’s available with wireless charging too.  

The BMW X5 got an impressive nod

A blue 2021 BMW X5 M Competition by a desert lake
2021 BMW X5 M Competition | BMW

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Out of all the BMWs, the BMW X5 has received the most complaints. This is mostly because of the past issues concerning the SUV’s engine and transmission. But fortunately, it looks like the X5 is improving for the better. The 2021 X5 is now one of CR’s best-rated SUVs. 

The X5 received an average reliability rating. More impressively, this BMW got the highest road test score in the class with a 98. This BMW offers three potent engine options and is available as a plug-in hybrid. CR road testers were blown away by the X5’s quick acceleration, quietness, and seat comfort. Still, there’s one reason to second guess buying a X5. It’s one of the SUVs that depreciate the fastest

The Porsche Cayenne also got an honorable mention 

A grey Porsche Cayenne off-roading on the beach.
2020 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S-E Hybrid | Porsche

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CR has raved about every Porsche it tested, and the Cayenne is no exception. The Cayenne is one of the fastest 2021 SUVs, and it’s family-friendly too. Like the X5, the Cayenne got an average score for dependability. Performance-wise, the Cayenne shines brightest for its sharp handling and clean interior design. It’s off-road capable too. 

CR isn’t the only one to sing Porsche’s praises. Reviewers at U.S. News rated Porsche as the best luxury brand because of its consistent approach to building the best coupes, sedans, and SUVs.