The 2021 Lexus GX Is Actually Losing an Important Feature for Kids

SUVs are great family-friendly vehicles that can make a difference on long trips, especially for families with small kids. With rear-entertainment systems topping the list of amenities families look for in an SUV, it’s surprising when you find one that doesn’t include this feature. For example, the Kia Telluride is a popular three-row SUV that doesn’t include a third-row entertainment center, much to most buyers’ dismay. In 2021, the Lexus GX will follow the same path.

The 2021 Lexus GX got rid of what?

For 2021, Lexus has made some changes to its popular luxury SUV, the GX. The most surprising change involves an important feature for families. According to Motor Trend, Lexus has gotten rid of its rear entertainment system. Previous models included this handy add-on, so choosing to discontinue it as an option is surprising. 

Though not every car is a hit because of this popular feature (GM knows a little about this failure), rear entertainment is one of the more important features for parents. From keeping kids from repeatedly asking, “Are we there yet?” to helping break up sibling arguments on a long ride, entertainment systems sure come in handy. Regardless, Lexus is still considered the most reliable luxury brand, so is the rear entertainment center’s absence really worth all the fuss?

Here’s what the GX is adding in its place

If the Lexus GX landed at the bottom of the luxury SUV list in 2020 when it had a rear entertainment center, it might make you wonder what taking it away will do. Luckily, the GX is adding a few new features in its place. You’ll find new options such as a heated wood steering wheel and power-folding functionality for the third-row seats if you opt for the Premium Plus trim. And Amazon Alexa compatibility is now available on the infotainment system. Whether this makes up for the lack of rear entertainment is up to you, but the two added USBs in the back will let you add some media of your own.

The Lexus GX is still worth a look despite its shortcomings


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The Lexus GX is still worth a look despite the removal of the beloved rear entertainment system. It’s one of the better Lexus SUVs and has a lot going for it. Starting at $53,100, it offers a luxurious driving experience and a rugged off-road one. And though the trail rides won’t disappoint, some reviewers believe the GX is becoming a bit outdated, with other three-row luxury SUVs to choose from. There are more updated infotainment systems out there and less cramped third rows, but the GX delivers when it comes to the V8 engine and true full-time four-wheel drive. 

And there are also some great technology and safety features to consider. Among them is an app that lets you start your car remotely and innovative camera technology for improved visibility. Personalized temperature control helps your passengers enjoy the ride in even more comfort. The GX can even help you park. 

Weighing which model you should buy

If rear entertainment is important to you, know that the 2020 Lexus GX is still a great buy. Either way, Lexus is a high-quality luxury brand offering SUVs that impress in many ways, and the GX is still one of the most reliable luxury SUVs available.