The Most Common Toyota Sienna Problems You Should Know About

While the Toyota Sienna is one of the oldest minivans on the market, it still gets good reviews. Known for its great safety ratings and comfortable interior, the Toyota Sienna is a popular choice for drivers who want to buy a minivan.

Because the Toyota Sienna has been around for a long time, there are many used models available. With so many used vehicles on the road, potential buyers have a good idea of what problems may come up.

Here are five of the most common problems with the Toyota Sienna.  

The Toyota Sienna’s electric sliding door mechanisms stopped working

On RepairPal, the most commonly reported problem involved the Toyota Sienna’s motorized sliding door. This problem was reported four times as often as the next most common problem. It was also reported more often than every other problem combined. Problems with the electric sliding door have been found in every model year. 

Most owners had problems because the cable inside the door frayed or completely broke. Some owners had problems because the electric motor controlling the door wore out.

In either case, once the electric door mechanism broke, the door would have to be opened manually. Some reviewers reported that the door wouldn’t open after the cable or motor broke.          

Most reviewers also mentioned the high price of repairs. Many people were quoted repair prices around $1,500 by their Toyota dealer. Some owners were quoted prices over $2,000.  

However, these repairs didn’t always work. Several reviewers commented that even after fixing the electric door, it eventually broke down a second time. 

Cracks appeared on the dashboard

The second most reported problem for the Toyota Sienna on RepairPal was dashboard cracks. Owners reported large cracks forming throughout the dashboard. Many reviewers said these cracks looked like someone slashed the dashboard with a knife or a razor blade. Other Toyota and Lexus models from 2003 to 2011 had similar problems.  

To fix the problem, the dashboard needs to be replaced, which can cost up to several thousand dollars. A few reviewers noted the replacement dashboard is made of the same material as the original one. They expected the same cracks to happen again.  

Oxygen sensors failed

The third most reported Toyota Sienna problem involved the oxygen sensor, which failed after several years. Most people didn’t notice any problems with the vehicle but were alerted when the check engine light went off. While many of the sensors failed after the car went over 60,000 miles, several owners reported problems under 25,000 miles.

Massive oil leak and loss of oil pressure

Another reported problem involved the Toyota Sienna’s oil line. This leak usually happened in older vehicles. The leak required immediate attention because the vehicle would run out of oil and suffer complete engine failure. 

In some cars, the oil line burst unexpectedly. Many owners also reported that the oil leak happened without a warning light coming on beforehand. If the oil leak happened while driving, reviewers noticed several warning lights go off right away.  

Also, this leak caused the vehicle to lose most of its oil. Owners who had this problem commented on how much oil came out of this leak. Often the leak covered the engine and undercarriage of the vehicle with oil.

Problems with the Toyota Sienna’s evaporative emission system

A few owners mentioned problems with the Toyota Sienna’s evaporative emission system. Several reviewers had the check engine light come on when there was a problem with the system. This usually happened because a canister needed to be replaced. Most owners reported the canister cost around $300 to replace. Other owners had problems due to a loose gas cap. A few had to replace their gas cap.