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Kia is on a roll as of late. Their new badge shed decades of stigma keeping buyers away from the brand. The Stinger GT is one of the best sports sedans on the market right now, and for a bargain price. On top of all that, the Korean brand has unveiled a new EV- the EV6. Its looks are more wagon than SUV, and the company is absolutely swamped with demand. Does this mean that Americans are ready to buy wagons again? Some might say yes, after the success of the Audi RS6 Avant.

What is the EV6?

A Kia EV6 photographed on a rooftop
The new EV6 | Kia

But we’re not here to talk about Audi. It’s time to talk about the EV6. Tesla’s competition is stiff these days, and the handsome profile of the EV6 accentuates that point. According to Kia, the new wagon/crossover/SUV… thingy will start at a hyper-competitive $45,000, or $55,000 for the hotter GT version. This of course places the EV6 squarely in Mustang Mach E waters.

To combat this, the Korean brand plans to offer a slew of configurations for the new EV. It will be available in both rear and all-wheel drive and an impressive 300-mile range. Additionally, horsepower will range from 167 and 576 hp for the GT version. You can be sure the GT will also come with an impressive 0-60 time given its electric powertrain. Finally, the EV6 will offer 800v fast charging that will take the batteries from 10% to 80% in roughly 20 minutes.

Kia makes a comeback

The interior of the Kia EV6 with a large infotainment screen
The EV6’s interior | Kia

These are certainly impressive specs for a Kia. Perhaps it’s time to stop “saying for a Kia” given the brand’s recent resurgence. After all, it isn’t just the EV6 making waves. The Korean automaker has been killing the game since the Stinger dropped in 2018. It seems the Seoul-based automaker has discovered a knack for building fast cars as of late.

The K5 turbo is another attractive offering if a bit flawed. Journalists report that the K5 has a little bit too much power for its front wheels to handle. We certainly won’t be complaining about that. Regardless, Kia has proved that American buyers are ready for something other than the bland SUV world that awaits them outside their front door. Practicality is still the name of the game for buyers, and the EV6 and other models have that in spades.

Wagon or SUV?

The SUV-like rear of the EV6
The EV6 certainly looks like an SUV from the back | Kia

Will There Be a Kia Version of the 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz?

There’s been some debate regarding the classification of the Kia EV6. Is it a crossover? An SUV? A wagon? Well, technically speaking a wagon is lower than an SUV or crossover. The EV6 measures 61″ high, a mere 3″ shorter than the Kia Sportage crossover. Turns out, the EV6 is a wagon after all, if not a tall one. In one fell swoop, the Korean brand has managed to establish a new image for itself, produce strong products, and get Americans to clamor for a wagon again. Not a bad start. We’ll have to wait till 2022 to see if the EV6 measures up.