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The Honda Civics has been popular for many years, and has a lot of standard features that have ensured this will continue. With automakers like Ford making the decision to cut production on all sedan models, it might make sense for Honda to follow suit, but the numbers aren’t backing it up.

Good Car Bad Car recently released the sales numbers for several sedan models from January and February 2020, and the Honda Civic is on fire. Here’s how sales are shaping up for this year.

How fast is the 2020 Honda Civic rolling off sales floors?

According to Good Car, Bad Car, the Honda Civic is selling faster than its competitors. In January, consumers drove away with 20,054 Civics. Only one automaker sold more, and that was the Toyota Corolla.

There were 23,477 vehicles sold in January, but no number was given for February. So who came in third place? It was the Hyundai Elantra, and it only sold 7,874. Most of the other vehicles on the list sold anywhere from 1,000 to 6,000, but the Hyundai Veloster only sold 665.

Honda continued to sell Civics well into February, and rather than the numbers dwindling, the sales increased. The Japanese automaker sold 25,617 Civics in February, and came in number one.

Most of the vehicles on the list saw an increase in sales, with the exception of the Subaru Impreza, which sold 62 fewer vehicles in February than it had the previous month. The Hyundai Elantra came in second for the month of February, and sold only 10,441. Since this is less than half of what the Civic brought in, it’s only too clear that the Civic is leaving its competitors in the dust. 

What’s all the hype about?

It’s clear that consumers love the 2020 Honda Civic, but what is it about this small Japanese vehicle that drivers are so crazy about? Well, for starters, the Civic is a great looking vehicle.

It’s got slick, smooth lines, bright colors that turn heads, and you have the option of purchasing the sedan, coupe, and hatchback models. This could prove to be an issue within itself, as it could be difficult deciding which model you like better, but that’s part of the beauty of what Honda is offering. You get to choose what you want. Honda isn’t force-feeding you one model type with a few bleak trim levels. 

So besides a great looking body type, the Civic also includes Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto on the Sports trim level, and all upper levels. There are also other tech offers, such as a 5.0-inch LCD color touchscreen,  Bluetooth hands-free and streaming audio, one USB port, and a 12-volt outlet. Add in the fact that the Civic is a very reliable vehicle, and there’s not much to dislike. 

Do critics like the 2020 Honda Civic?


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Critics can be very vocal about whether they love or hate a vehicle, and in the case of the Civic, it’s all adoration. Car and Driver states, “With a fun driving experience, a practical interior, and many versions to choose, the Civic is an even better compact car than its reputation would suggest.” 

In the past generations of the Civic, Edmunds has made it clear how disappointing the Civic was but has lately changed its tune. According to the auto review site,

“For nearly a decade prior, we were underwhelmed with the Civic’s design and quality. But Honda got this latest 10th-generation Civic right and, for now, is content to polish at the margins.”

Other critics like U.S. News had nothing but praise for the small sedan, and recommends it over competitors like the Toyota Corolla and the Mazda3. Since it starts at around $20,000, making it both attractive, and affordable. It’s clear why consumers are in love with the Japanese sedan, and why the sales will most likely continue to rise.