The Easiest Way to Keep Your Honda or Acura From Being Stolen

If you own an older Honda or Acura, then you have probably heard of just how easy they are to steal. In fact, the Honda Civic and the Honda Accord are still among of the top 10 most stolen cars in America and Acuras like the Integra and the RSX are not too far behind. So what can you do to prevent having to walk out to a pile of broken glass or an empty spot where you once parked your Honda Civic? Here are a few easy solutions.

Pull a relay

One of easiest and most-effective ways to keep your Honda or Acura from being stolen is to simply pull one of the relays or fuses that connect to the fuel pump or the starter. If you’re not sure which fuse to pull, simply open the hood of your car and located the fuse box. Then lift the cover off of the fuse box and look underneath it, there should be a diagram for each fuse.

Then simply disconnect the fuse or fuses that go to the starter and the fuel pump. Another good fuse to pull is the one that goes to the ECU, that way, you know the car definitely won’t start. The reason this is a good method is that most thieves either won’t know to look in the fuse box for missing fuses and, chances are, they won’t be carrying any spare fuses to start the car either.

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Boot it

Another effective — although not very efficient — the method is to put a boot on your car. That’s right, it’s basically the same device that law enforcement and parking maids put on your car when you haven’t paid your parking tickets on time. There are two different styles to choose from: a tire lock that covers the wheel lugs and a claw style clamp that’s easier to install. While it might still be possible for any thief to saw one of these devices off, it would take a long time to do so and when it comes to stealing a car, time is the enemy.

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Tire Boot
Tire Boot | Amazon

Kill switch engaged!

While pulling a fuse or relay is probably the easiest way to keep your Honda or Acura from being stolen, a kill switch is another method of doing the same thing. Instead of having to carry a fuse or relay with you, you can just flip a hidden switch that disconnects the ECU fuse or fuel pump so that no one can start the car. One of the best parts of using the kill switch method is that you can install the kill switch almost anywhere in the car and have it wired to different vital components such as the battery and the ignition, for example.

A kill switch you can buy on Amazon
A kill switch you can buy on Amazon | Amazon

Always keep your car locked

While the aforementioned methods are great ways to protect your Honda or Acura from being stolen, we feel that it’s necessary to advise you to always keep your car locked. A vehicle is stolen every 42 seconds in America and we wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of theft could have been prevented from just keeping the car door locked. After all, if a thief can’t steal the whole car, they will likely target the stuff that’s in it. So remember to always lock your car and park it in a well-lit area at the very least.