The Dodge A100 Is A Retro Van You Probably Forgot You Wanted

In the past several decades, Dodge has become very well known for its popular sports cars like the Charger and Challenger, and popular trucks like the Ram, but there is a pretty cool retro van you probably forgot that you wanted: the A100.

You might have seen one of the several versions of the A100 at classic car shows or shuttling down the highway on a road trip, but you may not have recognized what it was. This Dodge quirky compact van is actually pretty neat.

Manufactured by Chrysler, this throw-back is a spectacular van for a road trip, and having been designed in the 1960s and 1970s means it got all of the cool, retro charms you want out of a van. The boxy, classic van design is simple yet appealing, following strict lines down the sides and on top of the roof.

Wondering why this classic van looks so familiar? If you’re a fan of shows like That ’70s Show or the Batman television series from the 1960s you may not have realized this is the same van, as well as it’s background roll in several other movies. If you’re a fan of classic drag racing you may have noticed that the iconic Little Red Wagon was also built mostly off of the A100. The styling of the A100 is appealing not only as a van but also as a traditional and classic pickup truck. In any version of the A100, two large chrome headlights were the dominating feature of the front end, paired on either side of a classic font DODGE logo and resting above a wide, simple grille.

Dodge a100
Dodge A100 Pickup Truck | Christopher Ziemnowicz

Over the years the Dodge A100 had several engines, never being overly powerful, but the van wasn’t designed to go fast nor was it particularly aerodynamic by styling. It had options for a 3-speed automatic or a 3-speed manual depending on year and preference, but its relaxed driving style gave it a fun riding experience. It wasn’t fast, but it didn’t need to be. The A100 was used for so many different purposes, from small-town ambulances to converted campers, the versatility was relatively endless. Lovers and collectors of the A100 have affectionately modified them over the years, giving them a ton of personality and custom styling, including drag racers and dreamy beach cruisers.

If you’ve ever gotten an itch to make a cross-country road trip, travel over a few states or just have a neat camper van, the A100 is the option you probably forgot you even wanted.