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There are thousands of automotive and automotive-related podcasts available on the web. The trick is knowing the best ones to suit your particular auto interests. From car detailing tips to covering the classics, and everything in between, the following podcasts are the best of the crop. They inform, inspire, and entertain audiences with high-quality episodes and regular updates.

1. Car Talk

Car Talk is Peabody Award-winning NPR podcast hosted by Tom and Ray Magliozzi. Every week the “click and clack brothers,” as they’re lovingly known, take calls from frustrated vehicles owners and offer tips and advice drenched in wisecracks. A new episode posts once a week and the hour-long episodes are both funny and informative. The show’s page on the NPR website boasts that “you don’t have to know anything about cars to love this” show. Who knows? Maybe laughing about other driver’s frustrations will teach you more than you ever could’ve imagined.

2. CarCast

With a last name just one letter off from one of the most popular car models ever made, it seems only natural that Adam Carolla would be the host of a car podcast. Carolla, along with Bill Goldberg and Matt “The Motorator” D’Andria, covers just about every facet of the automotive arena a person could hope to hear about. Whether it’s new car buying or the performance aftermarket, Carolla, Goldberg, and D’Andria tackle the topics that other car podcasts might be missing. The show often features celebrity car enthusiasts and experts from the industry. The best part? They answer listener questions, too. The CarCast crew posts an average of two episodes per week.

3. The Auto Detailing Podcast

This podcast is a little more niche with a specific focus on professional car detailing. Host Jimbo and his guests offer listeners the very best tips on professionally detailing your car. Who are Kimbo’s guests? Each week he is joined by top professional auto detailers. The podcast’s official webpage mentions that it’s geared towards auto enthusiasts and professional detailers, but there’s plenty of relevant and interesting information for all who love their car. There are two episodes weekly.

4. Everyday Driver Car Debate

Everyday Driver Car Debate is a podcast geared towards helping a large subset of people who are often interested in and seeking out car info — those shopping for a new vehicle. Hosts Paul and Todd provide much needed support to help listeners figure out which vehicle will be the perfect fit by answering questions and providing insight. They also offer a behind-the-scenes look at the auto industry all while discussing, and sometimes debating, the most pertinent information that drivers need to know.

5. The Curbside Car Show Podcast

Noted author, car enthusiast, and illustrator Jim Cherry presents a podcast that’s fun and educational. It’s all about classic and vintage cars, Kustoms, and more. Cherry along with Tony Barthel, a nationally-syndicated automotive columnist, offers new episodes each Friday. They take a detailed look at the complete stories of history’s greatest cars and the creative people behind them.

6. Model Car Podcast

Long-time model builders Justin Twyford and John Dezan host a unique podcast that explores the world of model cars. This is the perfect venue for those looking for advice and news on the topic. Twyford and Dezan cover a variety of subtopics related to model cars in bi-monthly episodes loaded with great information.