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Several new electric SUVs are hitting the market, but most start at a much higher price than the 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV. When you want the electric SUV that won the 2023 Best Electric SUV for the Money award from U.S. News & World Report. The Chevy Bolt EUV is the vehicle you’ll want to drive.

What makes the 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV the best electric SUV?

Every winner of the Best Car for the Money Award from U.S. News & World Report offers the best combination of quality and value in the market. The Bolt EUV might not be the top-rated vehicle in its class, but it brings the best packaging for the money.

U.S. News ranks this Chevy electric SUV:

  • #4 in Electric SUVs
  • #38 in Crossover SUVs
  • #30 in SUVs with 2 Rows
  • Winner in 2023 Best Electric SUV for the Money

As you can see, this Chevy electric crossover doesn’t top any list but brings the best overall value to the market.

What are the pros and cons of the Chevy Bolt EUV?

Red Chevrolet Bolt EUV Pose
Chevrolet Bolt EUV | Chevrolet


  • Below-average base price
  • Respectable 247-mile all-electric driving range
  • Fun to drive
  • Spacious, feature-filled cabin


  • All-wheel drive unavailable

Does Consumer Reports agree with U.S. News?

Rear Cargo Area 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV
Rear Cargo Area 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV | Chevrolet

Consumer Reports has the 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV listed similarly to U.S. News. Each organization lists the electric crossovers differently. Consumer Reports puts the Bolt EUV third out of four models, with the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Bolt ahead of the Bolt EUV.

U.S. News sticks to electric SUVs and lists the Kia EV6, Hyundai Ioniq 5, and Ford Mustang Mach-E ahead of the Bolt EUV. All three models listed ahead of this Chevy are much more expensive than the small Chevy electric SUV.

What’s new for the 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV?

This new model year brings a shuffling of trims, giving us a new Redline Edition of this small Chevy electric SUV. The Redline Edition model is an appearance package. Another new item is the lowered price of the 2023 version. Typically, automakers don’t lower prices, but Chevy cut the price of both Bolt models for 2023.

What powers this Chevy electric SUV

Light Blue 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV
2023 Chevy Bolt EUV Electric SUV | Chevrolet

The Chevy Bolt EUV uses a 65-kWh lithium-ion battery pack and an electric motor to give this SUV 200 horsepower and 266 lb-ft of torque. This setup uses a single-speed automatic transmission and delivers 247 useful miles of driving range.

Charging the Bolt EUV takes 30 minutes to add 95 miles of range, or you can get a full charge after 10 hours when this electric SUV uses a 240-volt at-home charger.

How much does the 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV cost?

This electric SUV starts at $27,200 for the base model. Move up to the Premier version, which costs $31,700. This pricing makes the Bolt EUV the most affordable electric SUV in the market.

Is the 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV a good SUV?

Silver 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV Posed in front of a beach house
2023 Chevy Bolt EUV | Chevrolet

The Bolt EUV wins the 2023 Best Electric SUV for the Money because it brings the best combination of quality and value in the class. You’ll find a fun and stable ride on bumpy roads, a punchy powertrain, and more than enough driving range for your daily driving needs.

The lack of AWD and lengthy charging time are the only real drawbacks to this small Chevy EV.

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