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The A6 sedan is one of Audi’s most popular sedans. So when Audi decided to debut an Allroad wagon version of the A6 for the 2020 model year, A6 and wagon lovers alike rejoiced.

Boasting the same refinement as the A6 sedan and all the practicality of an SUV, the newest 2021 Audi A6 Allroad could be the best non-SUV SUV.

Why the Audi A6 Allroad wagon might make the ideal SUV

Is the A6 Allroad a wagon, sedan, or SUV? Although it certainly falls into the “car” category, the A6 Allroad is quite arguably all three. It’s based on Audi’s refined, midsize A6 sedan, but boasts an enormous amount of space thanks to its Allroad, wagon moniker. Stretching the A6 into an Allroad wagon didn’t just allow for more cargo space. The A6 Allroad wagon is also “more versatile than the sedan,” but “off-road-capable” like an SUV, according to Kelley Blue Book.

The 2021 Audi A6 Allroad offers the all-wheel drive ruggedness of an SUV, as well as its practicality and spaciousness for cargo and passengers. But its size and sleek design make it easy to enter and exit, as well maneuver on any road.

Its mild-hybrid powertrain also helps the A6 Allroad to stay competitive in fuel-efficiency in both large car and SUV segments. It seems the 2021 Audi A6 Allroad offers all the benefits of an SUV without any of the drawbacks.

What’s new for the 2021 model year?

Unfortunately for Audi Allroad fans, not much hasn’t been updated for the wagon’s sophomore year. But that may be due to the fact that it just made its debut in the U.S. last year, and the A6 Allroad doesn’t need much assistance being impressive.

According to Car and Driver, buyers will have access to two new available packages, but that’s about all you can expect from the new 2021 Audi A6 Allroad.

The base Premium Plus trim now gets adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist with its optional Executive package, while a new Black Optic package is also available on both Premium Plus and Prestige variants. The Black Optic appearance package adds black and dark silver paint and accents to the exterior for a more stylish darkened aesthetic.

The best and worst of the 2021 Audi A6 Allroad


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Audi’s upgraded, turbocharged 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine comes standard with the 2021 A6 Allroad, making an impressive 335 hp and 379 lb-ft of torque. The Allroad variant of the A6 also comes with adjustable air suspension and 20-inch wheels ideal of conquering the terrain.

Its spacious interior is well-equipped with tons of luxury features, including a slew of driver-assistance features, in-dash navigation, a 360-degree camera system, a panoramic sunroof, and an 8.8-inch touchscreen display.

Added standard features on the higher Prestige trim include Matrix headlights, four-zone climate control, heated rear seats, and more. All A6 Allroad wagons come with a basic four-year warranty that also covers the drivetrain, an eight-year limited warranty on hybrid components, 12 years of corrosion coverage, and an impressive four years of roadside assistance from Audi.

Even suitable for off-roading, the A6 Allroad is a clever alternative to the bulky SUV. According to AutoTrader, the worst part about the 2021 Audi A6 Allroad is that it can get quite costly.

There are only two trims available, which start at around $66,000 and $72,000, but the cost can increase quickly with the number of available options and packages.

This is to be expected with luxury cars, however, and even without any added options, buyers are paying for “top-class interior materials and design,” “impressive safety equipment,” and a “potent turbocharged engine.” And those looking to splurge on the exciting A6 Allroad aren’t likely to shy away from the cost of added features.