The 2017 Ford Mustang Has Proved Its Dependability Over the Years

One of the things that set the Ford Mustang apart from all other sports car is its distinctive body. Even someone who isn’t a car person can readily recognize a Mustang. And with the exception of a few model years like the 2006 model, the Ford Mustang is known to be a highly reliable vehicle. 

Most of them are even affordable enough for the average person to buy if they budget well, especially the used models. The 2017 model is probably one of the most reliable models on the market

J.D. Power can’t help but shower the 2017 Ford Mustang with rewards

J.D. Power is well known for its stringent standards. Getting an award from this illustrious critic is a major win for any automaker, and such praise is proudly displayed on websites, touted on commercials, and bragged about in press releases.

That’s why an award from J.D. Power carries so much weight among consumers as well, and the 2017 Ford Mustang Coupe 2D Shelby GT350 V8 earned the J.D. Power Quality Award. This is only “awarded to the brands/models with the fewest problems reported per 100 owners during the first 90 days of ownership.”

While most owners were highly dissatisfied with the uncomfortable second row, they loved the 2017 Ford Mustang’s rear visibility, interior storage spaces, and the way the Mustang handles curves.

Consumer Reports can’t stop bragging about the 2017 Ford Mustang

Consumer Reports was highly impressed with the 2017 Ford Mustang as well. The review site stated, “Ford provided its quinquagenarian pony car with the equivalent of a heart transplant and a hip replacement. It added a turbocharged four-cylinder engine to the lineup and replaced its creaky solid-axle rear suspension with an independent multilink design. What does that mean? Strong power with decent fuel efficiency, and a chassis that’s more planted than skittish.”

From the Mustang’s speed to its smooth handling on the track, Consumer Reports couldn’t say enough good things about the Mustang. That being said, the overall reliability score was only two out of five. This was due to the climate control and suspension. If you check out each trouble spot, you’ll see that everything else got a very high, if not perfect score.

Consumer Reports was perhaps most pleased with the engines and stated, “None of the three engines is a bad choice.” They also believed that it would make a great daily driver. Perhaps not for growing families, but for a couple.

How much will a used model cost you?


The 2020 Ford Mustang EcoBoost High Performance Package Is Missing 1 Key Element

If you’re a huge fan of the Ford Mustang and think the 2017 model might be right for you, the next obvious question is, how much does it cost? As with most things in life, it depends on whether you want the cheapest model, or the most expensive. Thankfully, Kelley Blue Book can give you a reliable idea of how much it’s going to cost you before you start talking to car salesmen

A V6 Coupe 2D, which is the base model, can cost anywhere from $17,794 to $20,139. The Shelby GT350R Coupe 2D, which is the most expensive, will deprive your wallet of $40,486 to $45,897.

If you’re looking at one of the convertible models, that’s obviously going to cost a little more. Or that’s what you’d think, anyway. The priciest convertible is actually considerably cheaper than the Shelby GT340R Coupe. Turns out Ford Mustang Convertibles are affordable after all.

The cheapest trim is the V6 Convertible 2D. It costs around $18,265 to $20,656, which is only slightly higher than the coupe model. The convertible that costs the most is the GT Premium Convertible 2D. The fair market price for this little gem is $27,471 to $30,628.