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It’s challenging to talk about the Tesla Model 3 without thinking of wild and crazy stories. The new year isn’t going to change that because the Tesla Model 3 is kicking things off by being delivered without a brake pad and playing things off as normal. 

The Tesla Model 3 arrives with a missing brake pad 

2022 Tesla Model 3 with white exterior paint color, the most popular car color in the world
2022 Tesla Model 3 | Tesla

Do you know what’s essential with any vehicle? Being able to stop. So, when April Gillmore received her Tesla Model 3 without a brake pad, things could have gotten even messier than the situation at hand. 

When Gilmore received her Tesla Model 3 on December 19, she quickly noticed a strange scraping noise from the driver-side rear wheel. So, she contacted Tesla for help, which had no appointments available for over three weeks. 

She was offered an appointment by a third-party shop but didn’t want to risk it. With a Tesla vehicle, you should trust Tesla for repairs, right? 

We aren’t so sure anymore after Tesla said giving up the appointment was a mistake. Then Tesla finally asked Gillmore for a video of the problem. Multiple Tesla Technicians listed the footage and said the brakes sounded totally normal. 

Does the Model 3 have brake problems? 

The Tesla Model 3 doesn’t have brake problems unless they arrive without crucial parts, like the brake pads. Tesla explained that the brakes on Tesla Model 3’s and Y’s are known to be louder on standard vehicles due to the larger size of the brake pads. 

Tesla said once Gillmore arrived for her appointment, then they would have a technician perform a test drive to inspect the brakes. However, this appointment was still weeks away, and the sounds were getting worse! 

Gillmore finally went to an independent shop, where they discovered that there wasn’t a brake pad inside of the rear driver’s side brake rotor. The caliper was pressing into the rotor. The Model 3 needed to be towed to the Tesla Service Center. 

Is Tesla helping with the brake problem? 

A line of Tesla Model 3 EVs outside a Tesla factory in China
Tesla Model 3s on display | Ding Ting via Getty Images

Now, time keeps ticking for Amy Gillmore’s Tesla Model 3. She had to wait about a week to receive a loaner model. It’s been weeks since her vehicle went in for service, but the service center is still waiting for parts. 

Each week the ETA for a replacement brake pad seems to be pushed back. She wonders why if Tesla can build and ship new cars, then why can’t repairs be made? Tesla is offering to cover her monthly payment and to reimburse her for the $100 inspection from the independent shop. 

But she’s not happy. Gillmore shared that she doesn’t trust the Tesla brand after they delivered a vehicle that was unsafe to drive. Then they blew her off about the noises it was making. Now, they are dragging their feet to get the issue fixed. 

Gillmore is considering ditching the Tesla Model 3 for something else after experiencing terrible customer service. But she won’t decide until she sees how the entire situation plays out. 

There is a chance that Tesla could try to salvage their customer service reputation by making things right. We will watch this story to see how things play out. Until then, if your Tesla doesn’t sound right, get it checked out. 


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