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It’s no surprise that the lineup of Tesla electric cars on the market today is a hot commodity. The high-voltage marque has already sold over a quarter of a million of its budget-friendly SUV, the Model Y. As a result, the Model Y is one of the best-selling vehicles in America. However, the high-riding Y isn’t the only Tesla EV with bragging rights; the Tesla Model 3 made the 2023 short list of the best-selling sedans and hatchbacks of the year so far.

The Tesla Model 3 is the best-selling electric car of 2023, but it didn’t outsell its SUV sibling

A black 2023 Tesla Model 3 AWD electric car drives through a snowy landscape.
Tesla Model 3 | Tesla

The Tesla Model 3, the California EV marque’s most affordable nameplate, dethroned the Toyota Corolla for the No. 2 spot among the best-selling cars of 2023 so far. Of course, popular SUVs like the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, and Tesla Model Y still outsold the Model 3.  

Car make and model2023 sales YTD (units)2022 sales (units)
Toyota Camry217,975295,201
Tesla Model 3173,501195,698
Toyota Corolla165,693222,216
Honda Accord152,202154,612
Honda Civic146,881133,932

Still, the Model 3’s sales successes put it on track to outsell its previous model year by a wide margin. Should the baby Tesla continue its hot streak, it will likely sell over 210,000 units by the year’s end. However, the Model 3 has a long way to go to catch up to popular SUVs, trucks, and the current best-selling car on the market, the Toyota Camry

What is the best-selling all-electric car?

A red 2023 Tesla Model Y parks ahead of a mountain range.
Tesla Model Y | Tesla

While it’s not a car by the strictest definition, the 2023 Tesla Model Y is the best-selling electric vehicle nationwide. Tesla has sold an estimated 284,498 Model Y SUVs in 2023 so far, per GoodCarBadCar. Regarding electric cars, the Model Y’s diminutive sibling, the Model 3, takes the cake. 

Model2023 sales YTD (units)2022 sales (units)
Tesla Model Y284,498225,799
Tesla Model 3173,501195,698
Tesla Model S22,50090,473
Tesla Model X17,50124,099

How much is the cheapest electric car from Tesla?

Tesla’s cheapest electric car is the 2023 Tesla Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive, a single-motor base model for the nameplate. The Rear-Wheel Drive trim starts at $28,490 after a tax credit. However, fans can push those figures above $40,000 with the whimsically thrust-happy Performance trim. 

What is the average cost of a Tesla electric car?

On average, a new Tesla Model 3 starts at $28,490 in 2023. However, Tesla points out that the sub $30,000 price tag on the Model 3 reflects the value after the $7,500 federal tax credit, an incentive that applies to certain electric vehicles. 

ModelStarting price (new)KBB value (3-year-old model)
Tesla Model Y$32,890$33,761
Tesla Model 3$28,490$28,909
Tesla Model S$71,090$49,929
Tesla Model X$68,590$47,714

Due largely to the models’ popularity, Tesla models from the last few years hold their value well. For instance, the post-tax credit price of a new Model 3 is almost $400 less than the average Kelley Blue Book (KBB) value for a personal vehicle in “Good” condition.

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