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Blurred oncoming truck seen through windshield of car on U.S. 20 in western Illinois.

The Longest Road in the United States Is Over 3,000 Miles

The United States is a big country with lots of long highways to drive and take in the scenic view. Americans have enjoyed this mode of travel for many decades, and car safety helped encourage the improvement of highways. There are even some famous highways. Though Route 66 is one of the most famous, it …

5 Ways to Get Over Holiday Road Rage

The holidays are here and with them comes a lot of joy and a lot of stress. There’s a stress if you have to cook for your family, stress with having to prepare everything, and even more stress if you have to commute and get to your holiday parties on time. Unfortunately, all of that …
Car on a road trip

5 Reasons It’s Better to Drive Your Car Than to Ship It

If you’re planning to move across the country, or at least a really long distance away, then you have likely been tasked with the decision to either ship your car or drive it. We recently listed five reasons it’s better to ship your car a long distance. But now, here are five reasons it may …