The Triton Model H is a large electric SUV that can seat up to eight people with a 700-mile range on a single charge. The storage capacity can accommodate 200 cubic feet of cargo space. The model can easily haul heavy loads to add even more storage or go on that long vacation with your RV.

It is currently only available for preorder. With its range, storage, accommodating cargo, and more, it will be a formidable competitor within the SUV sector among EVs. With its 1500 hp, it becomes even more attractive as an option that is both powerful and luxurious.

It is made for large families or groups that need to haul many passengers to and from areas. The model has plenty of legroom and storage for all passengers involved. It is great for traveling long distances in a comfortable environment. You don’t have to worry about stopping often to charge while traveling with the range.

About Triton

  • Starting MSRP: $140,000 (pre-order only)
  • Pro: It is exceptionally spacious with a range exceeding competitors.
  • Con: It is only available for preorder as of now with a hefty price tag.
  • See Also: Rivian R1S and Byton M-Byte

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