The 8-Seat, 700-Mile Triton Model H Electric SUV Sounds Almost Too Good to Be True

For the majority of potential electric SUV owners, 200-300 miles of range should be sufficient for daily driving. Nevertheless, as with ICE SUV owners, electric SUV drivers will likely use them at least occasionally for long-distance rides and/or towing. And once outside the city, fast chargers are still relatively sparse. That’s why something like Blink’s gasoline-powered portable charger can at least provide peace of mind. However, if the Triton Model H comes to market, range anxiety may be the last thing on the owners’ minds.

Triton Model H specs and features

Up until now, Autoblog reports, New Jersey-based Triton Solar has focused purely on commercial solar energy and lighting. The company’s products include rechargeable batteries, solar panels, chargers, and even printable lights. Now, however, Triton Solar has announced an electric SUV, the Triton Model H.

Triton Model H
Triton Model H | Triton

According to Triton, the Model H will come with a 200-kWh battery pack that will give the 8-seat, 5300-lb electric SUV a 700-mile range. This despite the SUV developing up to a claimed 1500 hp. It will also have 4 electric motors—one per wheel—and thus, all-wheel drive. Triton also claims the Model H will go 0-60 in 2.9 seconds, although as we’ve seen, EV performance can degrade over prolonged testing. Nevertheless, that’s only 0.4 seconds off the Porsche Taycan’s fastest 0-60 time.

Triton Model H side
Triton Model H side | AskAbtAuto via Instagram

Although Triton has not announced the Model H’s potential payload, it is claiming the SUV will be able to tow up to 15,400 pounds. That’s 1400 pounds more than the most-powerful Tesla Cybertruck will reportedly be able to tow. In addition, the Model H will allegedly have 200 cubic feet of storage space, more than 50 cubic feet more than the 2021 Chevy Suburban.

Pricing and availability

Note that these claims are, as of this writing, merely that. Triton has not announced a release date for the Model H. However, the company has announced the electric SUV will come with a 10-year/150,000-mile warranty.

As of this writing, the Model H can be pre-ordered with a $5000 refundable deposit. Then, “once the production date nears,” a final payment of $135,000 is due. The first 100 pre-orders—which have reportedly already been claimed—will receive ‘Founder’s Edition’ models, which InsideEVs reports contain unique add-ons the standard model won’t get.

Triton Model H vs. the electric SUV competition

Bollinger B1
Bollinger B1 | Bollinger

Purely on range alone, the Triton Model H is set to make a splash. No other electric SUV on the market or about to be released can claim such range. Not the Bollinger B1, not the Rivian R1S or its Lincoln counterpart, and not the Fisker Ocean. Even the Tesla Model Y and Model X don’t have such a range.

2020 Tesla Model Y AWD Performance side
2020 Tesla Model Y AWD Performance side | Doug Demuro via YouTube

In terms of price, though, the Model H is noticeably more expensive. It’s more expensive than even the Bollinger B1, and the B1 seems to be the more off-road-capable.


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And true, the 135-kWh version of the Rivian R1S can’t go 700 miles on a charge. But it has 4 motors, AWD, and it will cost roughly has as much. And although it may be slightly gimmicky, the R1S can do a tank turn.

All this is moot, though, until Triton actually builds it.

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