A red, low-slung, curvy sports car sits against a black background. The De Tomaso P72
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De Tomaso Automobili Moving Operations to the USA

De Tomaso is a name that might ring a bell for baby boomers. It’s an automotive manufacturing company founded in Argentina that put together American V8 horsepower with Italian design and assembly. The most iconic of its vehicles that made it to the shores of the United States was the De Tomaso Pantera. But, in …


The De Tomaso Pantera Should Not Have Been Forgotten

Since it’s inception in 1971, the lesser-known car manufacturer De Tomaso Automobili produced over 7,000 Pantera supercars, but almost everyone except collectors seems to have forgotten about them. A mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive sportscar lined up with many other competitors of the category and offered a unique styling that made the car iconic over its twenty years …