Caterham Seven 360
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Caterham Capitalizes on Nostalgia with Super Seven

Automakers know that playing into nostalgia sells cars. British car manufacturer Caterham Cars is continuing its trend of paying homage to its classic heritage with the new 70s throwback Super Seven 1600. This new release follows the success of the limited 60s styled edition a few years prior. This time though, the Super Seven is here …

Caterham Seven 310R kit
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Stuck at Home? Build a Kit Car

Usually, wrenching on your car means changing the oil or fixing the brakes. But kit cars offer a whole new meaning to the phrase. Wrenching your own car together isn’t exactly easy. But besides really getting to know your wheels, a kit car can also offer an opportunity to own a modern vintage machine for …

Panoz AIV Roadster

The Panoz Roadster Is a Forgotten American Sports Car

Today, the Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, and Corvette are often what come to mind when you think ‘American sports car.’ And before that, there were cars like the Shelby Cobra and Daytona. However, not every American sports car is as well-remembered. Few remember the Cheetah, for example. And despite being significantly newer, not many remember …

2020 Morgan Plus 4

2 New British Sports Cars You Can Get Because of Loopholes

Sometimes, automakers use legal loopholes to skirt emissions and crash-test standards. Other times, it’s those very standards that keep some very sweet wheels out of our hands. This means, usually if you want a non-US-spec vehicle like a Nissan Patrol, Toyota Century, or Toyota Celica GT4, you have to wait 25 years. However, there are …