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close up of shift and handbrake of 2021 Ford Bronco

Is Changing Your Car’s Clutch Fluid Necessary?

Do you own a car with a manual transmission? If so, then you’re probably well aware that you need to change its transmission fluid every 10,000 miles or so (your car’s mileage may vary) and you know that changing its engine oil is a necessity. But do you really need to change the fluid in …
A white-suited NASCAR mechanic reached into their red open toolbox

What Tools Do You Need in Your Maintenance Toolbox?

Whether you’re working on a car or a motorcycle, proper maintenance or repair work requires the right tools. However, even tasks like replacing a water pump or a clutch don’t require filling your toolbox with specialist equipment. Nevertheless, setting up your first toolbox can understandably be a little intimidating. But with the guide below, you’ll …
Mechanic tunes up an old Hyundai Galloper engine

Why Do Car Engines Lose Power Over Time?

Besides 0-60 times, one of the most common ways you can compare two cars’ performance is horsepower. And owners often install mods like performance exhausts and turbochargers in an effort to give their engine more power. However, not only is your engine’s quoted horsepower not always accurate, but it’s also not static. Over time, no …
Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained holds a carburetor in his right hand and an electronic fuel injector in his left hand

Your Fuel Injectors Really Do Need to Be Cleaned

Oil and coolant aren’t the only fluids involved in car and motorcycle maintenance. But even if you change your transmission fluid, if your vehicle isn’t electric, it’s not going to run without gasoline or diesel. Or rather, it won’t run unless the fuel makes its way into the combustion chamber. Which, in modern vehicles, is …
Gray Mercedes-Benz with foggy and clouded-over headlight lenses in a shop

How to Clean and Restore Foggy Headlights

When brand new, modern headlights can seem almost too bright. But, like almost everything in and on a car, they’re still maintenance items. And not just the bulbs. Over time, headlights can become foggy or cloudy. In some cases, they may start to yellow. However, unlike a burned-out or broken bulb, foggy headlights don’t always …
Audi LED headlights

Why Are Headlights so Bright These Days?

Car headlights in the US can be a major headache, even if you know not to be fooled by blinker fluid. Headlights were arguably the first major automotive safety feature, but today they’re often side-lined compared to advanced driver-assistance systems. The result is that many modern headlights simply don’t do an adequate job of illuminating …