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For small yards, push-style lawn mowers make for a solid pick. For yards between one-quarter to half an acre, a self-propelled version might make the most sense. But what about for a yard around three-quarters of an acre or more? The best wide-deck self-propelled and rear-engine riders can suit a homeowner’s need for a lawn mower for big yards. 

What is the best type of lawn mower for big yards?

A person showing using a lawn mower for big yards
Lawn mower | Philipp Schulze/picture alliance via Getty Images

Different types of lawn mowers are best suited for different types of yards. For those tackling yards three-quarters of an acre or more, a riding lawn mower or a zero-turn model might seem like the best type of lawn mower for getting the job done. Both riding lawn mowers and zero-turn models can be a challenge to store and are much more expensive than other types of mowers. Instead, potential buyers could choose a wide-deck self-propelled lawn mower or a rear-engine rider.

While a wide-deck self-propelled mower’s extra-wide cutting deck will save you about a quarter of the time cutting the lawn. Moreover, rear-engine riders require less storage space than other lawn mowers.

The best wide-deck self-propelled lawn mowers for big yards

The Troy-Bilt TB WC28 is one of the best wide-deck self-propelled lawn mowers you can buy, especially for big yards. It has impressive bagging and cutting evenness an handles tasks like side discharging and mulching well. The Briggs & Stratton-powered mower also features a blade-brake clutch, allowing users to stop the rotation of the mower’s blades without actually having to turn off the lawn mower’s engine.

The Toro Timemaster 21199 is another wide-deck self-propelled mower that’s one of the best. This self-propelled mower has an excellent Dual-Force cutting system and atomic blades to create finer mulch before bagging or discharging. With a 30-inch steel deck, it’ll handle thick weeds all summer long without damage.

The best rear-engine riding lawn mowers for big yards

Rear-engine riders are also among the best lawn mowers for big yards. Take, for example, the Cub Cadet CC30e.

This electric riding lawn mower boasts features like a high-backed seat, cruise control, and the ability to cut grass while in reverse. Even though it’s electric, it has the same mulching, handling, side discharging, and cutting evenness as its internal combustion competitors. The manufacturer says the CC30e has a run time of one hour at a cutting rate of one acre per hour with its 30-inch deck. Recharging takes four hours.

The battery-powered Ryobi R48110 is also one of the best for big yards. With a 38-inch-wide cutting deck, it melds the compactness of a small-deck rear-engine rider with the practicality of a traditional full-sized tractor. By splitting the difference, the Ryobi R48110 has a 2.5-hour run time at one acre per hour. The downside is that it’s nearly twice as expensive as the Cub Cadet.

How to choose the best lawn mowers for big yards

Shopping for the best lawn mower for big yards doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, there are several choices out there worth considering. When it comes to choosing the best lawn mower for your big yard, we recommend taking into consideration the types of lawn mower features you’re looking for, along with how much you’re willing to spend.

Nevertheless, the most important aspect is to buy a mower that is reliable. For instance, mowers that are easily maintained by owners checking the oil, belts, blades, and filters last much longer. Therefore, before you choose a lawn mower for your big yard, learn the machine before walking to the cashier.


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