Stolen Speeding Dodge Challenger Accidentally Ends up in a Living Room

The chances of having a vehicle crash into your house and end up in your living room are slim to none. However, one unlucky family had it happen to them twice in one day. The second and more serious crash into the home involved a stolen Dodge Challenger. According to RMG SPW via Motorious, the homeowner was in the process of fixing the home when it got damaged again.

The Dodge Challenger was the second car to crash into the house

This unfortunate Dodge Challenger crash story begins on September 20th, 2020, at 4:30 AM. This is when RMG SPW reports that a drunk driver reportedly lost control near the home in question. Shortly after losing control, the car rolled onto its roof and collapsed the family’s front fence. As Motorious reports, this is already a fairly strange and uncommon incident.

According to RPG SPW, there is no information on the first vehicle that crashed into the home. The only one we know for sure is the Dodge Challenger. As you’d expect, the homeowner wasted no time meeting with a contractor to repair the broken fence and other damages caused to the property. However, as the homeowner talked to the contractor, things almost immediately got worse.

How does a Dodge Challenger end up in a living room?

A red Dodge challenger driving on a city street
2018 Dodge Challenger GT AWD

As the homeowner spoke to the contractor to assess the earlier damages, he heard a car speeding his way. As the homeowner looked, he saw a Dodge Challenger barreling toward his house. While the first crash took down the fence, this second crash was much more serious, says Motorious. According to RMG SPW, the Challenger skipped across the lawn and crashed into the home’s front door, ripping through it. As a result, the muscle car ended up in the family’s living room.

While part of the family was at home in the living room, no one was seriously injured by the Dodge Challenger. However, as the vehicle crashed into the home, the driver took off running. This is because the Challenger was reportedly stolen, says RMG SPW. What may be most surprising of all is that the stolen Challenger driver wasn’t hurt seriously despite crashing into a house. According to RMG SPW, the driver stole the vehicle from a couple at an ATM nearby.

What happened to the driver?

CHICAGO - FEBRUARY 09: 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is on display at the 110th Annual Chicago Auto Show at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois on February 9, 2018. (Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)
2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon | Raymond Boyd via Getty Images

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As you’d expect, the driver of the Dodge Challenger didn’t exactly get very far. In fact, Motorious reports that police quickly tracked down the driver just a few blocks away from the crash site. Although it may seem strange, there is no clear explanation of why both cars crashed in the same exact spot. However, the benefit here is that no one was injured.

While crashing into a house in a Dodge Challenger certainly isn’t common, carjackings in 2020 are. According to Autoblog, carjackings have increased significantly throughout 2020 in the U.S. Although there are many contributing factors, COVID-19 seems to be the main one. Additionally, this is not isolated to just one major city. It is a major issue across the nation. As a result, you’ll want to be extra careful with your surroundings as we go into 2021.