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Offering budget car parts for older cars is one way to increase their values and keep them from failing from gypo components. Ford, Nissan, and other companies have been doing this for a while. Now, Stellantis is throwing its hat in the ring with “bproauto.” The word salad name is unfortunate, but the purpose will save older Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and Chrysler owners money on new quality parts

The bproauto products are “high-quality aftermarket parts that cost less than original-equipment offerings,” says Stellantis. We have yet to find out which components the automaker will offer and how much lower the prices will be. But if it is anything like other OE manufacturers, these components should be 20% or more cheaper. And they’ll be available at dealerships, too. 

What makes bproauto parts better than the aftermarket?

DIY auto repair on family wagon
Two young DIYers | Harold M Lambert via Getty

Also, they’ll all have a two-year warranty, and the first of these will be things like filters, brakes, and typical switches, brake rotors, and alternators, which are usually the first things to fail or wear out. In all of these instances, OE components tend to be the most expensive route for car repairs. Below them are fairly reputable aftermarket parts that fall in the middle. And then there are the gypo parts that are cheaply made and will surely fail sooner. But with the bproauto subbrand, you can expect that it takes some of the guesswork out of determining whether your aftermarket part is closer to factory OE or closer to those gypo parts you want to avoid. 

“With the introduction of bproauto, we’re further enhancing the customer experience by offering a new, competitively priced, private label line of high-quality factory-backed parts for most makes and models, said Mike Koval, the head of Mopar North America. 

Is the bproauto site selling parts right now?

Box with bproauto graphics
bproauto wheel hub part | Stellantis

The OEs have been systematically cutting into the over $2 billion aftermarket car repair and parts business for years. Everything from factory audio equipment to crate engines and larger wheels has seen OEs offering compatible products that have cut into aftermarket manufacturers. And this secondary parts brand invasion is only the latest OE conquest. 

Stellantis says its inventory of different parts and components will be coming soon. If you go to the site now, there isn’t anything for sale. However, it gives you an idea of the scope of what parts it covers as the full catalog is coming together. Currently, some bproauto parts are available at the dealer level. Though no timeline is available, we expect parts to begin showing up on the site later this year. 

We all welcome less-expensive parts, especially for DIYers trying to save a buck and extend the life of their cars. This is definitely a step toward satisfying that goal.


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