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We don’t condone unsafe driving practices but we also don’t enjoy getting tickets. That’s why we have a sneaky clue about how to spot a Ford Explorer police inceptor before it sees you. Check out the one big giveaway with undercover Ford Explorer models. 

How to spot an unmarked Ford Explorer Police inceptor 

You aren’t alone if you start to slow down around Ford Explorer models. This SUV is a popular option that the police enjoy. Some Ford Explorer police inceptors are unmarked and blend in pretty well with the flow of traffic. 

Some models even have those stick family stickers, making them even harder to spot. But to tell if a cop is tailing you with an Explorer, all you have to do is look at the roof. 

Every civilian Explorer model comes equipped with roof rails. But the police inceptor models don’t have them. Some SUVs have police lights on top, but the unmarked models don’t have anything on the roof. 

If you see an Explorer with nothing on the roof, it could be a squad unit. Now if only there was a way to tell if an SUV has cross bars or police lights from a distance. 

The Ford Explorer Police Inceptor on the road
Unmarked Ford Explorer Police Inceptor | Ford

Also, if you see an Explorer inceptor come up in action, you should pounce on it. They’re pretty neat and equipped with the 3.3-liter V6 hybrid engine that cranks out 318 hp and 322 lb of torque. It’s the fastest police inceptor in America

The hybrid power can run the vehicle’s electronics without gas. The standard AWD system improves its performance and handling with other performance upgrades across the board. 

Structural improvements improve its safety crash scores and it’s the only vehicle engineered to withstand a rear impact at 75 mph. Plus, 270-degree vehicle monitoring can detect potential threats. 

Potentially threatening motion is displayed on the 12.1-inch computer screen. If it’s viewed as a treat an alarm will chime, the windows will roll up, and the doors will automatically lock. 

Also, plenty of interior space has been freed up to provide space for laptops, other tech, and equipment. You don’t want to be chased by one, but the opportunity to get behind the wheel would be excellent.