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BMW is one of the most popular automakers in the world, and the German company is well-known for making high-quality cars that excel in many areas. That being said, BMW has made a lot of cars in its long history, and many of those cars have a lot of issues that their owners complain about. The 2011 BMW 335d was one of those cars, and here’s a look at one hilarious review that an owner left in regards to their broken Beemer that’s a little different from typical 2011 BMW complaints.

What one unlucky owner had to say about their 2011 BMW 335d

Car Complaints is a site where owners can quite literally file a complaint about their car. These complaints can be as detailed as owners want them to be, and more often than not, the complaints are quite dry and to the point. When it comes to the 2011 BMW complaints, the owner of a BMW 335d was so dissatisfied with their luxury sedan that they left a detailed and hilarious review of their car.

The owner, who identified themselves as “jefreyreb” from Nashville, made their complaint known to the world on April 2020. Their reason for posting was that there wasn’t much available info on the 335d elsewhere online. As with any other car complaints, they wanted to tell readers to avoid making the mistake that they made. 

This Nashville owner bought their Beemer in 2016, and it had 70,000 miles on it at the time. They sold it four years later after putting about 60,000 miles on it. In those few years of ownership, they spent over $30,000 repairing the BMW. Many parts of their BMW broke down and needed to be repaired or replaced, including the battery, the power cable, the particulate filter, and more.

The 2011 BMW 335d has had its fair share of complaints over the years

All of those repairs were expensive, and each cost thousands of dollars. For example, replacing the battery and power cable was $3,400. However, the owner’s main problem was about the car’s check engine light turning on frequently. They said that, at best, the BMW would go five weeks without the check engine light turning on. Not only that, but the car broke down frequently too.

The owner wrote that their 335d “never made a trip over 200 miles without some kind of breakdown.” This was when they made a funny quip about how, if they had a daughter, they would’ve given the BMW to her so that she might marry a tow truck driver or mechanic since she’d meet them so frequently. The owner ended their review by remarking that they have PTSD from owning the BMW.

While some of that owner’s quips are likely exaggerations, other owners made 2011 BMW complaints – particularly of the 335d – as well. Many of those owners made their complaints known on Edmunds, and their comments corroborate what “jefreyreb” said. One owner gave it one out of five stars, and their complaint was about how expensive the BMW’s repairs were. This was repeated by others, as the repair costs were in the thousands almost every time.

Although BMWs are usually great, they won’t be cheap to maintain

Unfortunately for BMW fans and owners, the 335d’s expensive maintenance and repair costs aren’t new. In fact, BMW cars are well-known for being expensive to maintain and repair in the long run. A lot of that comes down to the quality and uniqueness of the parts.

Since BMW cars tend to be expensive, their parts are also going to be expensive. As a result, car shoppers who want a BMW must be aware of their high ownership costs, or else they’ll be dissatisfied with their Beemer. Take it from the people who submitted 2011 BMW complaints.


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