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The Kia EV6, introduced for the 2022 model year, is among the most heralded EVs on the market for its attention-grabbing looks, impressive driving range and ultra-quick charging capabilities, its upmarket and spacious cabin, and a price point that offers legitimate value among its competitors. The EV6 continues to rack up awards and frequently tops the list of “best EVs,” but that isn’t necessarily translating to Kia EV6 sales.

EV6 sales aren’t as impressive as the model’s proficiency

The general automotive expert landscape may be praising the EV6 ad nauseum, but sales of the midsize electric crossover are far from impressive. Kia sold 2,237 models during May, an increase of seven percent year-over-year, but annual sales through the first five months of 2023 are down a notable 13 percent. Its overall sales in 2022 weren’t a huge blip on the radar either, with 7,876 models moved last May, furthering the inauspiciousness of just 6,870 sales so far this year.

Market conditions haven’t exactly been kind to several all-electric models making their debuts over the last several years with low inventory predominantly spurred by significant chip shortages. That certainly isn’t helping the EV6’s case, but the model lagging its sales figures from the same time last year, in which inventory was generally worse, could be cause for concern in Kia’s ranks.

Its nearest competitors, the Ford Mustang Mach-E and its sister offering, the Hyundai Ioniq 5, are outselling Kia, though none are off to a great start to the year. Ford has sold over 9,900 Mach-E’s through the first five months of 2023. Ioniq 5 sales surpassed 10,500 in May and are down three percent from 2022 figures.

Low sales don’t equate to a bad car

The EV6 could serve as a showcase in which unimpressive sales figures don’t necessarily mean a car should be avoided. The 2023 EV6 is a standout all-electric crossover and serves as an appealing alternative to an internal combustion-powered midsize SUV.

The EV6 is available with several drivetrains and trims, and no matter the choice, it’s spacious, upmarket, and has impressive specs.

The base Wind model ($48,700 MSRP) pumps out 167 horsepower with a single electric motor, rear-wheel drive, and a driving range of 232 miles. A larger battery pack ups the range to an impressive 310 miles.

Many buyers will be far more compelled by the dual-motor AWD model. It starts at $52,900 MSRP and develops 320 horsepower with a max range of 272 miles. There’s also the bonkers EV6 GT that cranks out 576 horsepower and can scoot from 0-60 mph in just over three seconds if you want to thrill the whole family.

The brood will fit thanks to the EV6’s spacious interior, one that, especially in mid- and upper-trim models, is stylish, upscale, and rich with creature comforts, conveniences, and driver’s aids. Passenger space is ample in both rows, and 28 cubic feet of storage space is offered behind the back seats.

The EV6’s 400V/800V charging architecture can rejoice its batteries in a hurry — the automaker claims at 350-kW its battery will re-juice from 10 to 80 percent in about 18 minutes.

So, the EV6 may not be a sales giant, but it is a fantastic option for those in the market for a midsize electric crossover, or a solid, zero-emissions alternative to those in the market for a traditional, gas-powered model.