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Criminals attempt to evade law enforcement every day. And while most instances of civilian interference in a police chase would be frowned upon, sometimes things work out. Such is the case with a Colorado snowplow driver who stopped a parolee who tried to flee the police on snow-covered streets. 

A Colorado Department of Transportation snowplow driver deliberately collided with a fleeing suspect to aid police in a chase

Randy Calvin, a 33-year-old parolee with an arrest warrant, attempted to flee from Grand County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO) police officers. On the 21st of March, Calvin evaded GCSO officers in a silver third-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee. However, a snowplow driver in the area had another thought on the matter. 

Police started chasing Calvin not far from where Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) crews were clearing roads. A GCSO police sergeant chased Calvin to county lines where Clear Creek County law enforcement officers were preparing to chase the car, per CBS News.

A CDOT snowplow driver stopped a fleeing criminal by crashing into him.
A CDOT snowplow driver stopped a fleeing criminal | Grand County Sheriff’s Office

However, what Calvin and his Grand Cherokee getaway car couldn’t account for was a quick-thinking CDOT snowplow driver. The snowplow operator used the moldboard, the physical blade portion of the plow, to stop the Grand Cherokee dead in its tracks. While you might think that an SUV could survive the impact, the moldboard on the CDOT snowplow weighs thousands of pounds without the weight of the truck factored in. Calvin attempted to flee on foot, but Empire Police Department officers apprehended him. 

CDOT Communications Director Matt Inzeo told CBS News that the agency is proud of their courageous snowplow driver. “We at CDOT are incredibly proud of our colleague’s quick thinking and selflessness to protect people on the road from this dangerous situation.” Of course, we don’t recommend anyone get involved in police chases. Leave that to Batman. Or this snowplow operator.