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This is the epitome of the anti-SUV life: the Subaru Outback. Despite the absurd used market, Outbacks are cheap and plentiful should you be looking to buy, according to a recent study by iSeeCars. The model is plentiful because it’s just so damned popular. Even the word “Subaru” conjures images of the lifted station wagon for most consumers. Sure, a few outliers may think more about the excellent WRX/STI models, but to most Americans, a Subaru is an Outback, full stop.

The Subaru Outback is a steal at any price

A black Subaru Outback at a press event in Los Angeles
2014 Subaru Outback | Sebastian Feval via Getty Images

The Outback is wildly popular for a reason. It puts into effect a tried and true formula for auto sales success. All-wheel drive, fuel-efficient engine, comfortable interior, and plenty of cargo capacity. This exact formula has given rise to many of the most popular SUVs on the market, like the brand’s own Forester model. Add to that a consumer-friendly price point, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

The story is no different in the used market. The Outback formula has been the same since cavemen were scratching images of the vehicle onto the walls of caves after hunting a mammoth. Speaking of mammoth, size and cargo capacity are two of the Subaru Outback’s most desirable traits. These traits are what make the vehicle such a safe purchase, too.

Supply is as plentiful as features are

Subaru's logo on the hood of a car covered in snow
The Japanese brand’s logo | Robert Alexander Getty Images

Production numbers for the big wagon are high. In the last decade, it was rare to see production numbers dip below the 100,000 mark. So, you’ll have no trouble at all finding a model that can fit your budget. Prices can be all over the place, but a bargain can be had around the $15,000 mark. Speaking of bargains, it’s time to talk about the pricing on certain Outback models.

Per the iSeeCars study, models made right around 2014 can regularly be found for roughly $15,000. This one here can be had for a hair under $14,000. This isn’t the only example either. Finding one of this vintage is easy, even in this market. Of course, be sure to look into whether or not the car has been properly maintained, regardless of mileage.

You don’t need the SUV with a Subaru Outback

A green Outback on a trail
Outback models hold up well to abuse | Vander Brug via Getty Images

There’s clearly plenty of upsides to Outback ownership. So much so, it’s easy to see why so many people choose them over SUVs of similar age and mileage. Offering similar storage capacity with a smaller overall footprint makes the brand’s star pupil an excellent choice over just about any comparable SUV. Best of all, plentiful availability and strong reliability help make Subaru’s Outback wagon a strong candidate for beating the used market craziness.


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