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If you’re ready to get wild, consider off-roading with the Cam-Am Maverick R. It has enough power and capability to make you forget all about the little Ford truck associated with the Maverick moniker. Seriously, the 2024 Cam-Am Maverick R is the real way to conquer the wild. 

How much power does the 2023 Cam-Am Maverick R have? 

The 2024 Cam-Am Maverick R off-roading in the desert
2024 Cam-Am Maverick R | Cam-Am

The 2024 Cam-Am Maverick R comes in hot with a brand-new turbocharged 999 cc in-line three-cylinder Rotax engine that cranks out an impressed 240 hp. 

Furthermore, this UTV features the best-in-class hp and comes off the line racing ready. It’s ready to fight the Polaris Pro R tooth and nail to reign supreme as the best side-by-side available. 

Engine upgrades include forged aluminum pistons, plasma-coated cylinder bores, eight tension rods running from the crankcase through the engine block and head, and a closed-deck head design. 

Each of the three cylinders is fed by dual fuel injectors. These work in tandem to provide plenty of juice at any time. Each piston has an oil squirter to enhance cooling, and a dry sump oil system keeps things lubricated at every angle. 

The new 54 mm Rotax turbocharger has an electronic watergate actuator. It’s mounted to the engine block to provide an integrated tubeless oil and cooling system. 

The engine is paired with a new seven-speed dual-clutch transmission that can be controlled automatically or manually via steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters. So the gear-on-gear setup provides seamless gear shifts. 

There are driving modes for Normal, Sport, and Sport+. In the Normal mode, shifts occur between 3,500 and 4,500 RPMs. In the Sport or Sport+ mode, the shift point moves up to 8,500 RPM to send the maximum amount of power to the wheels. 

How is the Maverick R built? 

The 2024 Cam-Am Maverick R rides on a high-strength dual-phase tubular steel chassis with increased strength and rigidity to reduce stress on bolted connections. Double-bonded bushings provide a smoother and quieter ride. 

Plus, the suspension has a new tall-knuckle design to provide 25 inches of wheel travel in the front and 26 inches in the rear. The tall-knuckle setup raises the vehicle’s force base roll center closer to its center of gravity to reduce the tendency to roll by half. 

So each model has Fox Podium 2.5-inch piggyback internal bypass coil overs with QS3 manual compress adjusters. The Maverick R and RS have Fox Podium RC2 shocks with manual dual-speed compression and rebound adjusters. Plus, the rear shocks increase the diameter to three inches. 

It has up to 17 inches of ground clearance, a class-leading 77-inch track width, and a 108-inch wheelbase. It rides on 16-inch aluminum beadlock wheels wrapped in 32×10.5-inch tires. They have a six-lug bolt pattern that’s standard on some trucks. 

 What interior features does the Maverick R have?

The 2024 Cam-Am Maverick R interior and dash
2024 Cam-Am Maverick R interior | Cam-Am

The 2024 Cam-Am Maverick R has two four-way adjustable seats with a comfortable retracting harness. The steering column is adjustable and telescoping. Also, buttons found on the the supercar-inspired steering wheel control the infotainment system. 

In addition, you’ll find a 10.25-inch touchscreen in the center of the dash that controls your phone, music, front/rear cameras, driving stats, and performance information. 

There are plenty of available options for a glass windshield, rock sliders, bumpers, mirrors, an audio system, and navigation. 

Currently, there is no mention of a four-seat model, and the MSRP starts at $35,499. The fully loaded model takes the price up to $61,981. Stay tuned as the Maverick R proves its abilities in races and off-roading competitions.