Sit-Ins, Walkouts, and Threats Happening At Assembly Plants Now

On the heels of 17 workers at the Fiat Chrysler Warren Truck Plant walking off of their jobs yesterday over coronavirus concerns, now comes word Mercedes workers staged a sit-in today. It happened in Spain. After the country had already declared a lockdown Mercedes called in 5,000 workers to its Vitoria assembly plant in Gasteiz, to continue working. Once the workers had assembled they staged a sit-in on the assembly line. Here are some tweets from #capitalvslife: reports that one or more workers have coronavirus and that 23 other workers have been quarantined. Team leaders met with Mercedes officials but could not get the company to stop production. They demanded their health be a priority over production due to the virus crisis.

Reports say problems include groups having to congregate on assembly lines, lunch and locker rooms

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Reports indicate work was being performed with cloth gloves but no masks. The workers are also concerned because minimum distance measures have not been implemented. This results in groups together on the lines and also in busses and locker rooms.

Other factories in the area have already shut down so this plant was a holdout.

UAW here threatens to walk out for two weeks

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Workers at assembly plants dotting Michigan have been asking their UAW leaders to force factories to close down until the coronavirus crisis is over. Now the UAW has said it is giving management until the end of today to resolve the issues workers have raised over health and safety conditions.

Now the UAW has formally asked Ford, GM, and Fiat Chrysler for a two-week shutdown. It is asking the Detroit three for a plan to be submitted describing what they intend to do to ensure safety. If not received the UAW will recommend shutting down lines until the crisis has passed.

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Both GM and Ford announced today they have one each confirmed coronavirus salaried employee testing positive. And a worker at a Ford assembly line filed a 20-point grievance against the company over coronavirus fears. The Detroit three have assembled a task force to oversee the cleaning and safety aspects of working at the assembly plants.

Honestly, it is only a matter of time before more cases pop up forcing the lines to shut down.