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The Shelby Series 1 came into existence 25 years ago as a sports car designed by Carroll Shelby himself. This car appeared at the 1997 Los Angeles Auto Show and gave us a modern take on the original Shelby Cobra. The Shelby Cobra is a sports car that Carroll Shelby developed and built a few years before he began work on the Ford GT-40s that won at LeMans.

A new Shelby Series 2 coupe builds on the heritage of the Series 1 model but has a few hurdles for owners to jump over.

1999 Shelby Series 1 sports car posed.
1999 Shelby Series 1 | Hagerty

What was the Shelby Series 1?

The Series 1 was a roadster that brought the excitement of the Cobra back to the automotive world. Shelby America had plans to build 500 versions of this amazing car but ran into issues, including meeting federal safety standards. This caused the brand to end production after only 249 units, which made this car a bit of a failure.

The new Series 2 model has been in the works for several years. The Series 1’s successor was first presented in 2006 but didn’t see the light of day again until 2018. This was when Shelby announced four models of the Series 2 would be built each year.

Fast forward to 2024

Unfortunately, plans to build four units of the Shelby Series 2 Coupe per year never came to reality. Thankfully, this production of this sports car is occurring 2024, and it’s extremely similar to the one shown in 2018. This Shelby car has a fixed roof and fastback roof line, making it low-slung and sporty. The long front leaves ample room for a large engine to power this car.

The Wingard Motorsports and Custom Coaches team will handle this car’s production, but there are a few catches.

What are the catches of the Shelby Series 2 Coupe?

Only ten versions of this new Shelby sports car are being built, and they come without an engine. Each car is an engine-less shell, which means the ten owners will need to add the power plant after spending the high price called for with this car.

Of the ten units of the Series 2 being built, seven have carbon-fiber bodies that start at $385,600, while the other three use aluminum bodies and start at $498,200. These prices don’t include options or engines.

What engines make sense or the Series 2 Coupe?

The team at Shelby makes three suggestions to power these amazing and limited-production sports cars.

  1. 7.0-liter Windsor V8
  2. 7.3-liter Godzilla Ford V8
  3. Electric drivetrain

The Ford Godzilla engine made for heavy-duty pickup trucks makes 430 horsepower and 475 lb-ft of torque. This could be an interesting engine for the lightweight Shelby Series 2 Coupe sports car.

Regardless of power, the ten Series 2 models deliver the style, sportiness, and heritage to proudly carry on the Shelby name.