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Shelby American, Inc. is an American company that manufactures high-performance vehicles. It was founded by race car driver Caroll Shelby in 1962. There is a fairly lengthy list of cars made by the company, including the Cobra, Daytona, Mustang, Lancer, and Dakota, with the CSX2000 being the original within the Cobra line. There is also the Ford Mustang and, more recently, the Ford F-150.

While there are other brands that Shelby’s name is attached to, such as Dodge, the name remains synonymous with the Ford Performance division. However, Ford does not own the company. It still remains its own entity, with its headquarters in Enterprise, Nevada. Even after Carroll Shelby died in 2012, the company continues to produce true American performance models.

These models are highly desired among car enthusiasts, and people want to see more, such as the want for the Ford Maverick to gain the Shelby tag. With the models’ power and sporty feel, they have become a great asset to any car collection.

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