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Car crashes happen every day. As such, emergency medical services, firefighters, and police respond to motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) with the intent to rescue motorists and return American roads to business as usual. However, every once in a while, first responders have to deal with odd circumstances, like a sinking or partially sunken car. Such is the case with a recent car crash wherein a Maryland driver and their service dog plowed into a retention pond. 

Maryland first responders saved a service dog and driver from a partially sunken Toyota sedan after it ran off the road

Some days are mundane for first responders like firefighters. You make the odd fire alarm, motor vehicle accident, and train for emergencies. However, for a group of Maryland firefighters, police, and emergency medical services (EMS), March 14th was anything but boring.

Montgomery County authorities responded to the Toyota sedan that drove off the road into a retention pond. The pond is located just off Interstate 270 in Maryland. Fortunately for the Toyota’s driver and their service dog, a passerby stopped and called 911 to dispatch authorities to the wreck. Moreover, DC News Now says the driver may have had a medical emergency before crashing into the pond and partially sinking the car.

A white Toyota sedan is a sinking car in a Maryland retention pond after crews rescued a service dog and driver.
The driver crashed their car into a Maryland retention pond | MCFRS

Unfortunately, the driver and the service dog sustained injuries in the accident. However, the prompt actions of the emergency services mean a likely recovery for both the dog and the owner. 

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services (MCFRS) spokesperson Pete Piringer posted that first responders “evaluated 1 adult & 1 canine, both NLTI.” NLTI refers to “non-life-threatening injuries.” It’s good news for the driver and their trusty service dog. The unnamed driver is lucky that the other driver noticed the event. “The driver was lucky and otherwise wouldn’t likely [have ]been noticed til tomorrow sometime,” Piringer said of the incident.