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Toyota sold 314,000 Camry sedans in 2021. Tesla sold almost one million 2021 Model 3 and Model Y sedans. But Ford, GM, and Stellantis say sedans don’t sell anymore. You could call the Mustang Mach-E a high-riding sedan, or you could call it a crossover. But however you look at the current state of sedans, Toyota and Tesla more than prove sedans sell well. And however the American companies justify dropping sedans, they need them.

Why did Ford release this Mustang sedan sketch?

Mustang sedan
Mustang sedan sketch | Ford

And that’s why it is intriguing that in the press dump of yesterday’s 2024 Mustang debut, Ford chose to include design sketches that led to the final design. Included in the myriad of proposals is a four-door Mustang. As you know, this isn’t the first time Ford has explored doing a Mustang sedan. 

But the success of the Mach-E, our examples above, and the number of sedans that European manufacturers still make are a very compelling argument that Ford must be exploring the idea more than they’re letting on. In announcing this March that the EV side of the company was splitting off, it added that it would be “leveraging its iconic nameplates.” What is more iconic to the blue oval than Mustang? So what does Ford have to say about a Mustang sedan? As is always the case, no automaker ever discusses future products, at least not until the timing is right. 

Now is not the right time. It has the 2024 Mustang to suck up promotional talking points, advertising, and just plain making enough of them. Not to mention Bill Ford’s announcement that Ford is going back to Le Mans with a highly-modified 2024 Mustang. But that gives the company time to develop such a car.

Would a Mustang sedan be electric, or still have a combustion engine?

 Mustang/Tesla Model S
2024 Mustang and Tesla Model S Comparo | MB

It would have to be electric. With that in mind, wouldn’t the Mach-E platform work just about right? In the upside-down world we live in, it would be ironic that the Mustang begat the Mach E, which could beget a Mustang sedan. 

Ford is doubling down on Tesla’s selling model. Besides the debut of the Mustang, yesterday Ford announced its dealer network could only sell its EVs at non-negotiable pricing. Otherwise, it can’t sell its EVs at all. 

Without going customer-direct, it is as close to Tesla’s selling model as Ford can get. “We’ve been studying Tesla very carefully over the last several years,” said Ford CEO Jim Farley. “We’re betting on the dealers,” he told NBC. “We’re not going to go direct, but we need to specialize.” 

Is there still enough demand for sedans?

Mustang sedan
Ford Mustang Sedan 1965 proposal | Ford

If the company is scrutinizing Tesla so much, it hasn’t gotten past it that Tesla only sells sedans, with one SUV, the Model X. And another ironic twist is that with Chrysler, Dodge, and the whole of GM out of sedans, it leaves a gapping hole for Ford to swoop in with a Tesla-like sedan. Or maybe two?

All of this is speculation, but it also makes sense if you add up the clues. If the Mustang sedan looks anything like the sketch, it should be as popular as the two distinct versions it currently sells in its product portfolio. 


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