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What could possibly be as sweet and satisfying as an American Honda Museum? As far as automotive attractions go, getting to check out all of the earliest and rarest Hondas is about as good as it gets. Honda is a company that many Americans forget about as a classic car company. Honda has been doing its thing for a long time, and now LA is home to the new Museum home to an elite vintage Honda collection. 

Is there a new Honda Museum?

A section of Honda race cars within the Honda museum
Honda Museum | Honda

Even though this Honda Museum is newly opened, it isn’t exactly “new.” In fact, a small team of Honda America staff have been slowly and quietly collecting all manner of vintage and rare Hondas for the past 20 years. This team has scoured the country in search of Honda cars, motorcycles, boat motors, and more. This collection has been somewhat quietly kept all this time. Until now, the only way to see the amazing collection was to know a guy who knows a guy. 

What’s in the new Honda Museum? 

A row of Honda sedans in the new museum
Honda Museum | Honda

The new facility spans a well-curated 20,000-sqft display at the Honda HQ in Torrence, California. The coolest part of the Honda collection is that, unlike most other car collections, Honda earmarked several cars to be preserved from the production line with zero or nearly zero miles. This trend is driving buyers nuts on the collector car scene. Honda has piles of zero-mile cars in this new Honda museum. 

Some of the collection has been seen and even driven in the past. MotorTrend has done a number of comparisons and tests with older models alongside new Honda models. Some of the more exciting cars in the collection include a 2001 Honda Integra Type S, a 1975 Civic CVCC, and a 1978 Honda Accord. 

The collection also includes various important Honda motorcycles, outboard motors, generators, and a classic Honda lawn mower. 

How can you see the Honda collection?

The motorcycle section of the new Honda Museum
Honda Museum | Honda

Honda is opening the LA museum for a Cars, Bikes & Coffee event on the third Saturday of every even-numbered month (10/21/23, 12/16/23, 2/17,23, etc.). The events will start at 9 a.m. and last until noon, with the Collection Hall open for viewing.

Aside from the cars and coffee events, the Honda Museum will be open whenever the Honda HQ is open. This means that if Honda employees are at work, you can go in and look. Take this as your sign to ogle the vintage Honda collection. 

Any car nerd knows at least some of the contributions that Honda has made to motorsport, car and motorcycle production, and basically anything else that has to do with building engines. We are pleased to see that Honda America is as proud of Honda’s history as the rest of us are.