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Now that summer is nearly in full swing, there is no better time to prepare for your next road trip. If you have a trip in mind, you want to ensure you and your car will be prepared for your adventure and won’t be thrown for any loops. Whether you are looking to get ready for your next trip, need to have plans in place while on the road, or anything in between, read on. 

Before you buckle up, check a few things

Before you even think about getting in the car and buckling up, there are a few things on your car you should check. First, check the condition of your tires. Make sure they are filled up and have no signs of damage. Next, pop your hood, check fluid levels, and ensure your windshield wipers are in good shape. Furthermore, if you have enough time, get your car looked at by a mechanic you can trust. 

Aside from a good pre-inspection of your car, if you have a roof rack or bike rack, you will want to ensure those are attached securely. You should also check the car seats for children to ensure they are correctly installed.

Put together some road trip essentials

a mask and hand sanitizer
Mask and Hand Sanitizer | Tai’s Captures via Unsplash

The next big step to preparing for your road trip is ensuring you have everything you need. You want to have everything straightened up, from your luggage to connectivity options, to make the drive as pain-free as possible.

To make sure you feel more confident in your upcoming adventure, take some time to ensure you have the essentials you need. You want to make sure you are prepared to handle anything that could be thrown in your way.

  • Emergency Kit: Pack jumper cables, a flashlight, an emergency blanket, water, and essential tools. Consider a jump pack and portable power banks to keep your devices charged for even more security.
  • First Aid Kit: Consider having bandages, pain relievers, antiseptics, and gauze pads. Also, with coronavirus (COVID-19) not going away anytime soon, pack some N-95 masks, at-home tests, and hand sanitizer.

If you want a more enjoyable and relaxing road trip, take a few moments to put together these two kits for a better ride.

Keep everyone happier

a spotify playlist on a computer, make one for your adventure
A Spotify Playlist | Sergi Kabrera via Unsplash

In addition to ensuring you can have a more confidence-inspiring ride, right before you leave, ensure you take to secure everything down correctly. First, when it comes to packing, make sure to keep the rear-view clear to make sure you can see the road clearer. Next, if you are traveling with your pet, secure the crate safely to make sure your pet is safe. To ensure your passengers enjoy the roads ahead, set up your car’s WiFi hotspot if you have one equipped. Finally, have a plan to handle tolls because not every toll you encounter may accept cash.

Another good idea to ensure everyone has a better time is to create a playlist. If you have Spotify or Apple Music, you can make a collaborative playlist so everyone can enjoy the fun on the road trip!

You’re on the road; what now?

a first aid kit with all of the necessary equipment, a great thing to have on a road trip
A Well Stocked First-Aid Kit | Mat Napo via Unsplash

Now that you are on the road, it’s more important to make sure you have a plan to make your drive more enjoyable. First of all, if your insurance provider does not offer roadside assistance or your car’s automaker does not offer that service, consider signing up for AAA. AAA costs anywhere from $35 to $120 per year and allows you to get help if something happens to your car while on your road trip.

With high gas prices, driving more efficiently would be especially important. You can do a few things to help get more out of your gas tank, such as removing your roof rack if you aren’t using it. This practice can help you save money, and if done correctly, you can get to your destination quicker.

The final big thing you’ll need to tackle is coronavirus. Because you could still get sick on vacation, while that would be unfortunate, you must have a plan in place. It’s recommended that you and your party of travelers have your vaccinations and booster shots. If you, unfortunately, test positive during your trip, try to make the drive back home if possible. If not, hunker down in a hotel room, wearing masks, and take advantage of the delivery services in the area.

Summer weather makes for enjoyable road trips

a woman leans out a window enjoying the open road and the summer road trip
A Woman Leaning Out a Car Window Enjoying the Open Road | averie woodard via Unsplash

The warm weather is the perfect time to take a road trip with friends or family. There is nothing quite like packing up for a beach trip, camping trip, or an extended adventure knowing that you are adequately prepared. Get ready to make lifelong memories this summer with a road trip that can go off without a hitch.


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