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It’s more important than ever to save your gas and get the most out of your tank. With gas prices approaching $5.00 all over the country, you want to keep your gas tank fuller for longer. There are a few things you can do to conserve your gas and keep your gas tank fuller, and now is the perfect time to adjust your driving habits to make sure you can keep your gas gauge reading higher and keep your wallet in much better shape.

10. Who needs a/c?

the stereo and hvac controls, avoid the a/c if you want to save some gas and money
Stereo and A/C Controls | Dominik Garbera via Unsplash

With the hottest months of the year just around the corner, it may seem tempting to blast your a/c, but blasting your a/c can use more gas. But, at the same time, being comfortable and alert when you drive is the most important thing, so maybe you should crank up the a/c.

9. Make sure your tires are fully inflated

Your tires can lose around 1 psi every month, leaving them under-inflated after enough time. When under-inflated, you can enjoy less than ideal performance. When your tires are inflated, you want better longevity for your tires, but your fuel economy can suffer as it takes more effort to turn your wheels.

8. Unless required, premium gas may not be necessary

We’ve all heard the rumors that premium gas is more efficient, but that is not wholly true in many cases. Unless your engine requires the use of premium fuel, skip that option and save a little bit of your money.

7. Buy high-quality fuel

gas prices in massachusetts at a mobil
Gas Prices in Massachusetts | Yassine Khalfalli via Unsplash

While it may be tempting to save a little bit of your money and buy gas from a smaller gas station, do your best to purchase gas from a reputable gas station. Consumer Reports talks about using high-end gas, otherwise known as Top-Tier gas. Top-Tier gas can be cleaner on your engine and, in turn, can help you save gas.

6. Keep your car’s aerodynamics in mind

a roof top box onto of a suv, one way to cut your efficiency and spend more money
A Roof Box on Top of a SUV | Lee Chinyama via Unsplash

One of the most significant ways to keep your car running more efficiently is to make it as aerodynamic as possible. If you have a roof rack, it can be an excellent choice to remove it if it is empty. Your fuel efficiency can drop even more when the roof rack is loaded up. Even if the roof rack is empty, there can still affect how efficient your car is.

5.  Drive smooth

Keeping more gas in your tank can be as simple as not accelerating or braking hard. Frequent aggressive acceleration and braking can drive down your fuel gauge and make it, so you have to stop for gas more often. Once you get going, keep a consistent pace and stay focused on the traffic ahead. Your engine, brakes, transmission, and tires can stay in better shape with this driving style. More importantly, though, this driving method will help you maximize the gas in your tank.

4. Don’t speed

a speed limit sign in the desert which can help you save money and keep a full tank for longer
A 55 mph Sign on the Highway | Ludovic Charlet via Unsplash

It can be fun to press the throttle and feel the acceleration push you back but to make your drive more efficient, don’t speed. If you are speeding, your car uses more fuel, which can empty your tank much quicker in the long run. If you can keep your speed at 55 mph, you can see a significant increase in efficiency, which, in turn, will keep you from stopping at the gas station sooner.

3. Don’t drive unless necessary

If you can hold off from driving and running errands, keeping your gas tank fuller for longer is the best way. This can, of course, cut down on your use of gas, which is nice with these high gas prices, but it may not always be possible.

2. Use your online resources

To find out where you can find the cheapest gas, check online. GasBuddy may be the most popular and well-known resource, but there are several other choices to consider. From Waze to AAA, there are several different resources to check. If you choose a gas station a bit off of the highway or busy road, keep in mind that you could save some money.

1. Keep your tank half full

It is imperative to keep your tank half full in the winter because of the weather. But, this is still important in the warmer months. If you are on a summer road trip and run into traffic, ensuring you have at least a half tank of gas can make your drive less stressful. Furthermore, filling only a half tank is friendlier on your budget.

Maximize what’s in your tank and enjoy your ride more

an instrument cluster with a full fuel gauge
An Instrument Cluster with Full Fuel Gauge | Nick Fewings via Unsplash

Many drivers feel the pinch on their wallets from the high gas prices. If you have been looking to save your money on gas and want to make the best use of what is in your tank, these 10 tips are great ways to do just that.


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