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A video taken by a Canadian man during a road rage spree is resurfacing this week, bringing with it cringes and shudders. The footage feels like a terrifying action movie scene. In it, the victim and his nephew are randomly chosen and chased on the highway by a road-raging stolen car. It’s only 7 a.m. Canadian police had been following the violent carjacker all night. The road rage video is embedded below.

A carjacker randomly targeted victims for more than 12 hours

On a mid-May evening in 2023, two unrelated people in Edmonton, Canada, were aggressively carjacked by an armed man. While operating his second stolen vehicle, a white Dodge Ram truck, the suspect was stopped by responding police. However, the suspect got back into the truck and drove away, ultimately carjacking again. Police attempted to stop the carjacker throughout the night. 

Image showing a masked man entering a white vehicle carjacking depiction
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Early the next morning, a red Dodge Ram truck was filmed on the highway by Naeem Issa’s nephew, the passenger of the targeted car. Naeem and his family member were chosen randomly by the suspect, who had stolen yet another Dodge Ram.

The suspect ruthlessly terrorizes the occupants, tailing them and waving a firearm. The Dodge Ram hits their rear bumper. Naeem is heard talking to authorities on his own cell phone, alerting them to the location of the road rager. Both occupants express shock and confusion at the event.

Courageously, Naeem is able to weave in and out of traffic without colliding with other drivers in an attempt to create a safe distance from the suspect.

At one point, the victims pass a highway patrol officer, who clocked Naeem at over 100 mph in his efforts to escape the suspect. Naeem honks the horn at the patrolman. Shortly after, the Ram catches up to Naeem and rams into their car. The cell phone footage ends.

Road rage victim thought of his nephew’s safety first

Above all, Naeem persevered, prioritizing his nephew’s safety. Global News reported that the chase continued while Naeem exited the highway, with the suspect ramming the victims more than 20 times overall. At one point, the suspect moved the truck in front of the victims and slammed on the brakes. When the suspect spotted the patrolman, he fled in the Ram.

“It was terrifying. It was definitely terrifying,” Naeem said. “And having my nephew, I was just concerned about him and just getting out of the situation safely.”

Ultimately, the Ram was filmed by local news outlets after it had crashed through a fence, over an embankment, and into a scrub of trees. School-going kids populated the area, and local residents felt fortunate that no children were harmed in the event.

If you find yourself a victim of road rage, we’ve recommended how to stay safe in road rage situations.

In general, keep moving as safely as possible and contact authorities. Don’t stop at places you frequent, like your home or work. Lock your doors and roll up the windows. Avoid eye contact and keep distance from cars in front of you to avoid collisions or entrapment.