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What If Your Stolen Collectible Car Ended Up In A Demolition Derby?

What if someone stole a couple of collectible cars in your town? And then what if the same make and model of cars, spray can painted in wild colors, ended up in a demolition derby a month later in the same town? That is apparently what happened at Ringwood Raceway in St. Leonard, U.K. A …
Demonstration of car theft and burglary: Man wearing a balaclava, holding a wrecking bar, about to break open the driver's door of a vehicle
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Finding Stolen Cars: Your New Next Best Job!

You say that camping blog you started isn’t doing much? Or you just got robbed at your Stop and Go cashier’s job? We’ve got a great new job for you car enthusiasts to talk about; finding stolen cars and trucks. Yes, this could be your big break. Stolen cars happen every day, every way Everywhere …
2021 Jeep® Wrangler Rubicon 392 with Jeep Performance Parts in the sand
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Shouldn’t Your Jeep Wrangler Have Been Stolen by Now?

Car theft is on the rise in America. Who knows why crime works in cycles, but that is the way it is. With all this extra car thieving going on, I started to think about one group of car owners (of which I used to be one) in particular; Jeep Wrangler owners.  Why isn’t every …
Stolen Porsche 911 GTS crashed in the U.K.

Porsche 911 GTS Theif Got Tasered Right After Crashing $100K Supercar

The only thing lamer than stealing someone’s car is stealing a car you can’t even drive. That is precisely what happened in this situation where some numbskull stole a high-end performance sportscar in the U.K. earlier this month. The knucklehead in question is a fella named Lee Smythe, and the sports car (supercar) in question …