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Sometimes new car releases can pack exciting surprises. For example, the Rivian RX3 was kept under wraps until the Rivan R2 was revealed yesterday. The Rivian RX3 is an adorable yet extremely capable off-roader to drool over until you realize how long the wait is.

When does the Rivian RX3 come out?

Unfortunately, you will have to wait for years to see the Rivian RX3 arrive. It’s expected to launch around 2027, but as you may already know, there’s a potential for delays.

The Tesla Cybertruck was delayed by years, the Ram 1500 EV was pushed back, and even gas-powered Ford F-150 models are still piling up due to the pandemic and supply chain shortages. The Rivian R1T had a few challenges during its launch too.

It’s already 2024, but 2027 still seems like it’s ages away. The larger 2026 Rivian R2 will arrive in 2026, which doesn’t seem as bad.

But my excitement for the Rivian RX3 stems from its goal to be a rugged, capable, and affordable off-roading vehicle for adventuring.

The rear end of the Rivian RX3
Rivian RX3 | Rivian

The Rivian R2 is expected to start at around $45,000, so the RX3 could be even cheaper. It’s based on the R2 and regular R3, which is six inches shorter. The R3 is more pavement-friendly and lacks the RX3’s off-roading upgrades.

Reportedly, the Rivian RX3 will offer a 300-mile range with the ability to charge from 15 to 80% in about 30 minutes. It might be offered with a single, dual, or tri-motor setup.

The RX3 has a suspension lift to be taller than the R3, with wider wheels and tires. Orange accents spice up the exterior, plus you get front tow hooks.

The interior is elegant, simple, and practical with upscale materials, more orange accents, plenty of storage bins, a massive infotainment screen, and an incredibly large glass roof. Plus, both front seats fold flat to create a spacious place to sleep.

Because the RX3 is designed with passenger comfort and safety in mind, there’s an abundance of head space and leg room. Updated tech allows drivers to remain more focused on the road.

Last but not least, the Rivian RX3 looks good. It has an 80’s hatchback shape with sharp edges and the Rivian headlights look like little fangs in the front. It’s like a cute little bat.

Some people are excited because it looks like the classic Volkswagen Golf MK2. You can reserve a Rivian R2 with a $100 deposit today.

Stay tuned for updates as I learn more about the R2, R3, and the RX3 SUVs. Hopefully, it will still be cute and affordable in a few years.