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Celebrities will often have dozens, if not hundreds of cars in their garage, and many of those celebrities will drive their car around themselves. Rick Ross is a very successful musician and businessman, and like many other celebrities, he has a vas car collection. That said, unlike many other celebrities, Rick Ross wasn’t legally able to drive around his own cars, and that’s because he didn’t even have his license until recently.

A look at Rick Ross’ huge car collection

Rick Ross dressed in black in front of black background with a red hat.
Rick Ross | Getty Images

Hip hop and cool cars are a dynamic duo, so naturally, Ross, being such an acclaimed and successful hip hop musician, likes cars a lot. He claims to own over 100 cars, and they’re not just the newest and fanciest Lambos, he also has some classics in his garage. For example, like many classic car enthusiasts, the Atlanta-based musician likes classic Chevy Impalas, and he has a 1973 Impala among others.

Another classic Chevy that Ross has is a 1957 Bel Air, but Ross isn’t just interested in the classics. His garage has quite a few more modern luxury and high-end cars. For example, he also has a Bugatti Chiron and a Koenigsegg Regera among other hypercars. In fact, just to show how big of a car enthusiast he is, when he started his own label in 2009, he called it Maybach Music Group, which is named after the famous luxury automaker from Germany. 

Rick Ross finally got his driver’s license at the age of 45

Despite having such a huge car collection and a wide appreciation of cars in general, Ross hasn’t actually been legally allowed to drive until very recently. That’s because, according to Today, the music mogul only got his driving license in 2021 at the age of 45. Observant fans may remember seeing Ross driving around in one of his cars. 

Ross had this to say, according to Today, “So whenever I go joy riding, you know, it was just one of those things.” His mother and sister were the main reason why he finally got his driver license at the age of 45. They pressured him into doing it, and so he did.

He was driven to the DMV to take the test, and although he missed a few questions, Ross said that he passed and was done with it in an hour. Overall, he thought it was all worth it, and he’s proud to show off his driver’s license.

Rick Ross loves cars in general and he even has his own car show

If having a huge car collection and a music label named after a luxury car brand wasn’t enough, Ross is so dedicated to his love of cars that he even hosted his own car and bike show. This event, which was simply called the Rick Ross Car & Bike Show, was held at his massive 235-acre home near Atlanta, Georgia. The inaugural event was held on May 21st, and the event seems to be an annual one.

This show was open to the public, and thousands of Ross’ fans attended the show. The event showed off a bunch of the Atlanta-based rapper’s car collection, and naturally, he showed off both classic cars and more modern luxury ones. For example, one of his Impalas was on display, as was one of his Lamborghini Urus.

Just to spice things up a bit, Ross also color-coded his car collection. On top of that, while Ross’ cars were the center of the show, the event also had food, music, and live entertainment.  


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