Report: Revealed All-New 2021 Mercedes S-Class Looks Just Like 2017 Continental

What in the world is Mercedes doing? This shot of an almost undisguised 2021 Mercedes S-Class required a double-take. That’s because it looks almost identical to the outgoing 2020 Lincoln Continental. Even the wheels are extremely similar. In this case, so is the color of our sample Conti but that is just by coincidence. Why would Mercedes’ all-new 2021 S-Class look just like a 2017 Continental

We’re seeing some very distinct and attractive designs coming out of Korea and Japan. Many concept cars have been compelling as of late. Porsche’s Taycan mixes some classic 911 cues with a thoroughly modern look.

What would compel Mercedes to design its flagship sedan to look like a 2017 Continental?

With all of the hot car designs floating around what would compel Mercedes to design its flagship sedan to look like a 2017 Continental? Didn’t anyone pay any attention? Is it arrogance? The design is bland as can be. It was a nice-looking sedan when the Conti was revealed five years ago. That’s right, it was March 2015 when the concept first went public. 

Now, all of these years later it is a yawn. Mercedes has been teasing the new S-Class with renderings that substantially hide the dull thud of the actual car. Spy shots with camouflage promised something more than a 2017 Continental. We could never have predicted the revealed S-Class would look like this. 

The 2021 S-Class will feature some interesting tech. Four-wheel steering, a suspension that raises for an imminent crash to better protect passengers, and an improved MBUX infotainment system. Mercedes always loads its flagship with lots of tech goodies.

Inside the all-new S-Class will feature five separate displays

Teaser sketch of 2021 S-Class | Mercedes

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Inside the S-Class will feature five separate displays. There will be no hard buttons that may or may not be good. Cars we’ve tested with this feature can sometimes be good and many times not. Information on the instrument cluster will be in 3D. 

Underneath the new MRA-II platform incorporates more aluminum and carbon fiber for reduced weight. Each S-Class variant will have a longer wheelbase than its outgoing models. Both gasoline and diesel engines will have a mild-hybrid system. The 4.0-liter V8 will come in various ranges of power up to 800 hp. 

Let’s be honest, if the 2021 S-Class looks like a 2017 Continental it won’t sell

Another shot for comparison of the 2017 Conti-or is it the S-Class? | Getty

Mercedes has done its homework with tech and new features that should attract potential customers. But with all that the S-Class has to offer no one will be compelled much in purchasing one after seeing it. Let’s be honest, if it looks like a 2017 Conti it won’t sell. And we’re sure all potential buyers will only see a 2017 Conti each and every time they see one.

It is amazing that something like this can happen in 2020. Actually, 2020 has been so weird anything could happen. But making a copy of a five-year-old Ford design for your flagship is crazy. But here we are. Mercedes has a big-time reveal slated for September 2 online. We wish them well with their Lincoln Continental S-Class.