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The much-anticipated electric Ford Bronco could be making its debut before the end of this decade. While this is just a rumor, Ford has not officially commented on it. However, car lovers are already getting excited at the prospect of an all-electric SUV from one of the most iconic American car brands.

Is there an electric Ford Bronco SUV? 

A Ford Bronco logo on the front of a Bronco.
Ford Bronco | Getty Images

Yes, it may be in the works! Ford Authority mentions a report from AutoForecast Solutions that states, “An all-electric Bronco variant is expected to launch in 2029, entering production on November 1st of that year and running through November 26th, 2036. What’s particularly interesting about this Bronco EV is that it’s apparently slated to be built at the under-construction BlueOval City complex, though it’s worth noting that the Michigan Assembly plant – where the ICE Bronco is built – is still working to meet tremendous demand for the rugged SUV.”

With this information, there is a good chance that an all-electric version of the beloved Ford Bronco will debut sometime over the next several years. Ford has not yet confirmed or denied this information, but it seems likely, given its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and increasing its presence in the electric vehicle market. 

What kind of features will it have? 

The electric version of the Bronco should have many of the same features as other electric vehicles. It will likely have long-range capabilities, superior acceleration and speed compared to traditional gas-powered cars, and advanced safety features like automatic emergency braking and lane keep assist. The exact specs are unknown at this time, but they should become clearer as we get closer to its eventual release date.  

When will it be released? 


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At this point, it is impossible to say for sure when exactly we might see an electric version of the Bronco hit dealerships across America. The AutoForecast Solutions report states that it may be “as early as 2025.”

So, we still have some waiting ahead of us. In any case, car lovers everywhere are sure to be keeping a close eye on developments over the coming months and years in hopes that they can finally drive home in an all-electric iteration of one of America’s favorite cars. 

The Ford Bronco may be coming soon

Whether or not we actually see an electric Ford Bronco SUV before 2029 remains up in the air. However, thanks to recent reports, we know it is more than just a pipe dream! Today, automakers like Ford are placing greater emphasis on reducing emissions while still providing drivers with high-quality vehicles that meet their needs. Undoubtedly, if or when an electric version arrives, it will offer drivers plenty of exciting new features and capabilities that only come with modern EVs.