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Driving away from a wedding with your new spouse is one of the highlights of the marriage process, and a fairytale ending deserves a special car. Though there’s absolutely nothing wrong with driving off in the usual cars or riding in a limo, it would be nice to take off in something fitting for such a day.

Thankfully, Turo offers a wide selection of cars, and it even has a section of its website devoted to cars for that “just married” moment. Various models, from slick sports cars to classic roadsters, are available nationwide through Turo.

How Turo works

Turo is a revolutionary service that allows car owners to rent out their vehicles. This carsharing idea is a major shift away from traditional car rentals, which are generally done through large companies. With Turo, users have a seemingly endless selection of cars to choose from. If a user wants to rent a Tesla, one will be available. 

Using Turo feels similar to other travel apps. Users pick their location and the days that they want the car. They will then see all the cars available in that area and their cost per day. When a user reserves a car, they can speak with the owner to coordinate the vehicle pick-up. Turo provides its own protection plans so that users don’t have to worry about that step of the rental process.

Rent an exotic, sporty, or luxurious car for your wedding or honeymoon

Maybe you want to surprise your new spouse with a ride in the car of their dreams, or maybe both of you have wanted to drive a luxury car to fit the importance of your wedding. Whatever your reason, Turo has plenty of exotic, sports, and luxury cars available for rent. 

For example, when searching for cars in the Boston area, some results include a Jaguar F-Type, Maserati Ghibli, and Alfa Romeo 4C. Through the Turo app and website, users can select when they would like the car and for how many days. This means that if you’re looking for a car only for your wedding day or for a multi-day cross-country honeymoon, there are options with Turo.

Luxury cars are common on the carsharing service, even in smaller towns. Those interested in electric vehicles can often find Tesla models on Turo.

Or try Turo for a classic car on your big day

A classic car could be the perfect chariot for a newly married couple. In addition to offering a fun retro ride, a classic car could be a great addition to wedding photos and could help make the day that much more memorable.

Finding classic cars isn’t difficult on Turo, but they may be less accessible than modern models. Turo search results for cars in San Francisco include a fully restored 1966 Mustang. 

While classic cars would be great for a wedding, there are plenty of other reasons why someone would want to rent a classic car. Turo’s intuitive app design and reasonable prices make a ride in one’s dream car much more possible. 

Every detail of a wedding is planned out, from seating to decorations to food. Cars have never really been emphasized as something important for the occasion, though. But with Turo, this might begin to change. The perfect car is now only a few screen taps away from being part of the wedding experience. And outside of weddings, Turo offers a lot of potential in the car rental market. It allows users to find the rental that they need quickly and easily. 


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