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Jaguar seems intent on sending off their gasoline engines with a bang. The brand will be all-electric by 2025, but the British manufacturer is going anything but quietly. The F-Type is famous for its rowdy exhaust, with Jag even making the motor quieter after its debut due to complaints from customers and journalists alike. Now, it’s the only powertrain option in the brand’s flagship model starting in 2022.

P450: Jaguar doubles down

A silver 2022  Jaguar F-Type coupe
2022 F-Type R | Jaguar

That’s right. The previously optional four and six banger motors are out. Honestly, the supercharged six-cylinder will be missed. At one point in time, the supercharged V6 was the only way to experience the quintessentially British F-Type with a stick shift. However, time and tide wait for no man and no motor. The new base model F will be powered by a supercharged V8 making a healthy 444 hp, with the R model getting a bump to 575 hp according to Jag. More power isn’t a terrible price to pay for the loss of the manual transmission.

The new powerplant does come with downsides that aren’t mechanical, however. The new V8 had to get paid for somehow, so Jaguar has upped the entry price of the 2022 F-Type to $71,50. Frankly, that’s quite pricey for the power. After all, a Camaro ZL1 comes up on 650 hp for around the same money, with a stick. But at Jaguar, your money goes to a more refined experience.

Jag’s new F-Type trim levels

The brown leather interior of the Jaguar F-Type
The Jaguar F-Type interior | Jaguar

The beautiful new F-Type’s trim structuring has changed as well. Base models are now called the “P450”, with the “R” moniker staying for the creme de la creme of F-Types. The lower specced P450 comes with either rear or all-wheel drive, and the R is only available with all-wheel-drive to reign in those extra horses, or Jaguars as the case may be. It used to be the F-Type R could be had in rear-driven format, but that was phased out some time ago. Admittedly, the old F-Type had a little bit of a reputation for spitting out unaware drivers.

Available in coupe or convertible, the new F-Type also comes with a host of paint colors, with the famous “British Racing Green” among them. If the colors available aren’t enough for you, Jag’s Special Vehicle Operations will happily make you a custom color in exchange for a few British pounds. $70,000 to north of $80,000 is a lot for a little-known sports coupe, and the Jag certainly has some tough competition.

How does the F-Type stack up against the competition?

The rear of a silver 2022 Jaguar F-Type
The rear of the F-Type P450 | Jaguar

The Jaguar F-Type has some stiff competition, such as the new Porsche Cayman and Camaro ZL1 to name a few. Both live comfortably in the $60-$100,000 price slot, and both come with a manual transmission should you desire. Whether the Jag can continue to make a name for itself as a sort of “budget” Aston Martin-esque Grand Touring car remains to be seen, but the new V8 powerplant certainly helps its cause.


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