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Commercials are always a good avenue to showcase a product and convince the target market of a product. For years, car manufacturers have used commercials to one-up their rivals. While some companies prefer to keep things simple, others, like Dodge, like to throw some humor into advertising, and fans love it. Today, we remember one of Dodge’s most hilarious and iconic commercials.

Dodge’s George Washington Challenger commercial was creativity at its finest

History tells the Revolutionary War as it is, but in Dodge’s eyes, things went down a bit differently. The commercial, which aired in 2010, starts with the Redcoats lining up to battle the former president and his army, and at first glance, they seem well-prepared. That is, until they hear a roar from afar, and as they wait for the sound to get closer, it becomes apparent that their horses are no match for what is coming.

Washington and his troops drive toward the Redcoats who scamper for safety, and at the end, he says, “Here’s a couple of things America got right: cars and freedom.” The ad suggests that the 2010 Challenger would have been the former president’s car of choice during the war, and it is as American as it gets, with the vehicles all donning an American flag.

As absurd and unrealistic as it is, the advert doesn’t take itself seriously. It is silly but still emphasizes Dodge’s return to pride and use of quality materials to make its cars. It reminisces upon a time when the U.S. was known for its craftsmanship.

Car commercials today are essentially the same

Nowadays, car commercials do not care about creativity and only showcase the vehicle blandly. Most car commercials today are the same, featuring a vehicle driving through a car-free urban area or, in the case of trucks, driving on a rugged landscape kicking up clouds of dust, proclaiming how each one is the best.

Zoomed shots of different parts of the vehicle, outrageous transitions, generic music, and a deep masculine voice proclaiming the car to remind you that you are seeing X, Y, or Z’s vehicle. SUV car commercials also use the same playbook. Cue family and friends packing up for a long drive to show how spacious and roomy it is.

Car companies like Toyota and Nissan try to give their ads a personal emotional touch to tug at their audience’s heartstrings. However, not everyone can relate to such ads, and sometimes it feels like pandering.

However, it doesn’t really appeal to the everyday person and instead sends a weird message that the dad can drive around over the speed limit without any consequences because Nissan is keeping him safe. People are getting bored of the same car commercials packaged differently and agree that creativity is a thing of the past.

Bring back the old creative car commercials


Here’s the Reason You Didn’t See Many Super Bowl Commercials From Car Companies

Car companies spend a ton of money on ads. It is, therefore, a crime for the ads to be as bland as they are. The only time auto manufacturers make some effort is during the Super Bowl when a famous celebrity is enlisted, and even then, it is usually lackluster. Kia made fun of itself in 2015 when it purposely underwhelmed James Bond portrayer Pierce Brosnan and its customers with the Kia Sorento.

In the Super Bowl ad, Brosnan speaks to his agent, who plays up the project as his next big thing, only to learn that there is no action-packed mission but an idyllic drive to a cabin in the mountains. The ad shows that Kia isn’t afraid to mock itself and also highlights the Sorento as the perfect everyday vehicle.