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Like most journalists, I am a high-functioning coffee addict. But despite my love of caffeine and pride in my Austrian lineage (they make the G Wagon and KTMs!), I’ve only tried Red Bull once. I was up all night and by 4 AM I’d bought a motorcycle two states away. So I’m never doing that again (drinking Red Bull, no guarantees on impromptu motorcycle purchases). But I’ll be the first to tell you that Red Bull’s swoon-worthy vehicle collection completely justifies its $4 soda price. They have some cutting edge vehicles, some classics, and some rigs so rare you might even say Red Bull is hoarding.

Toyota Mega Cruiser

Toyota Mega Cruiser SUV with Red Bull livery parked in front of a building.
Red Bull Toyota Mega Cruiser | Japanbird via WikiMedia Commons

After the Hummer came out, Toyota very much based its Mega Cruiser’s design on the H1. It also tested out some dope new technology such as three locking differentials and a central tire pressure system. Toyota only built this rig from 1995 through 2001 and sold almost every one of the 3,000 produced to the military, fire, or police. You might have more luck hunting down an actual pot of gold at the end of a rainbow than finding a surplus Mega Cruiser SUV, importing it, and getting it OKed for public roads. So, of course Red Bull has one.

Armored Moon Vehicle

Angular, tactical-style SUV with the red bull logo is parked on rocks.
Armored Moon Vehicle | Red Bull

Lots of companies have custom vehicles built. They may be a chopper or a lifted truck. They are often covered in logos and they make for great advertising. But why would Red Bull stop there? Meet the Armored Moon Vehicle, an angular, fighter-jet-inspired tactical body on a Land Rover 130 chassis. Yeah, it can tackle almost any terrain and look dope while doing it. But that’s not all. Red Bull’s Armored Moon Vehicle can then deploy a huge speaker set and even a flat-screen TV from its roof. Yup, this thing is a tactical-themed rolling party.

Red Bull X2010 Concept

Experimental race car parked in a fence and covered with Red Bull logos.
Red Bull X2010 | Jake Archibald via WikiMedia Commons

Next, I was going to list Red Bull’s Formula 1 cars. Because the brand owns and F1 team, so those incredible vehicles are technically part of its stable. But then I did some digging and found something even more incredible. Red Bull asked its racing team’s Chief Technical Officer what sort of race car he could build with no F1 rules or regulations. The result is this futuristic 1,400+ horsepower car with fans to create downforce. If you were at the Goodwood Festival of Speed you could have seen a life size mockup. But sadly, the closest thing to a driving concept is a race car in the Gran Turismo game.

Grumman HU-16 Albatross Flying Boat

A white Grumman Albatross seaplane with the Redbull Logo on the side.
Grumman HU-16E Albatross | Andre Wadman via WikiMedia Commons

Yes, Red Bull owns airplanes. Stunt helicopters (that appeared in James Bond), WWII fighters, and even MIG jets. Yup, Red Bull has a MIG-17. But MIGs are downright common. Heck: India, Germany, Egypt, North Korea, Poland, and even Cuba own these Russian-built fighter jets. Even the Red Bull MIG isn’t as rare as the Red Bull Grumman Albatross. This is one of the biggest mass-produced flying boats, used for Naval search and rescue until 1995. It’s easily one of my favorite vehicles. Why? Because it’s both a plane and a ship! Red Bull flies its Albatross over football games and even touched down at a beach for spring break festivities.

Next, watch the Red Bull F1 car hooning around New York City, or find out what happens to Red Bull Mini Coopers after retirement. You can see the Red Bull Albatross land in the San Francisco Bay in the video below: