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Sometimes, even trusted and beloved models have their bad years. HotCars put out a list of Ford vehicles made in recent years that it wouldn’t recommend buying. Mostly, the problems with these vehicles are due to reliability, a significant mechanical issue that can be costly, etc. As a result, one recent midsize truck model year to avoid is the 2019 Ford Ranger. What problems does it have, and why should used truck buyers steer clear of it?

Avoid the 2019 Ford Ranger

An orange 2019 Ford Ranger is the recent model year to avoid, HotCars says.
2019 Ford Ranger | Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

According to HotCars, the recent Ford Ranger model year to avoid is the 2019 version. The publication recommends staying away from used units from this model year for one significant reason. Build quality issues plague this model year for the Ranger. HC says problems like excessive wind noise in the cabin, a misaligned rear passenger door, and door panel noises are all frequently noted by owners.

Additionally, some owners have complained about the suspension, stating that the Ranger leans more to the driver’s side than the passenger’s. With a misaligned suspension causing the truck to lean, a number of other problems are possible. For example, if more weight is on one side, the 2019 Ford Ranger tires on the left might wear more quickly than on the opposite side.

More problems with the recent Ford Ranger model year

An orange 2019 Ford Ranger midsize truck parked at an auto show.
2019 Ford Ranger |.Bill Pugliano/Getty Images shows how many owners have reported frequent issues with certain parts of nearly all vehicles. For the 2019 Ford Ranger, owners have reported a few issues with the body of the vehicle. This aligns perfectly with HC’s report, showing that the build quality could be better. Car Complaints also show that the NHTSA received a number of complaints about the brakes, electrical system, and engine.

The list of issues doesn’t end there, but no others are as significant. It’s clear that multiple sources, including current and previous owners, can vouch that this Ranger model year has build quality issues along with minor brakes, electrical, and engine problems. If you’re interested in a used Ranger, this might be the lone model year to avoid.

How much is a used 2019 Ford Ranger?


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As always, used vehicle prices vary significantly depending on several factors. Location, condition, mileage, and more can all play a big part in how much you pay for a used car. Using AutoTrader, the used 2019 Ford Ranger prices near this writer range from around $32,000 to $36,000. A few higher mileage or lesser equipment options models are cheaper, and the opposite is more expensive. Most fall into this $4,000 price range.

According to Edmunds, the best 2019 Ranger to buy is the XLT trim. As the mid-range model, it comes with many excellent features without the higher price of other trims. For example, front/rear parking sensors, cruise control, automatic high beams, Ford Co-Pilot360, a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, and 17-inch alloy wheels. Fortunately, other Ranger model years are used for a similar price, with most of the same equipment, and you won’t risk build-quality problems.

For these reasons, buyers should try to avoid the 2019 Ford Ranger. Although there are excellent things about it, other Ranger model years provide the same good qualities without as much of the bad. Excessive interior cabin wind noise, misaligned doors, and even a poorly aligned suspension are not issues most used truck owners will want to deal with. That’s why it’s better to opt for the 2018 or 2020 model when buying a used Ford Ranger.