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We have bad news for America’s most popular little truck. The Ford Maverick needs to go in for service due to a recent recall. Roughly 190,000 Ford Maverick models are included, so see if your truck is at risk.

2022 – 2024 Ford Maverick recall due to faulty turn signals

The 2024 Ford Maverick pulling a trailer
2024 Ford Maverick | ford

The Ford Motor Company issued a recall for over 189,814 2022 – 2024 Ford Maverick trucks. Both the regular gas-powered and Maverick Hybrid models are included. The affected trucks were manufactured between February 3, 2021, and November 16, 2023.

The problem is related to malfunctioning turn signal indicators. Reportedly, drivers will not be notified if one or both of the rear turn signals fail to operate correctly.

Typically, if a turn signal has an issue, the driver is made aware by rapid blink speeds on the dash indicator.

If a driver is aware that their turn signal bulb burned out isn’t working due to an issue, they won’t be able to safely communicate their intentions in traffic.

Drivers aren’t able to give others a heads-up when turning or merging, increasing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Owners of the affected Maverick models will be notified via mail beginning by January 5, 2024. The number for this recall is 23C41 and you can call Ford Customer Service at 1-866-436-7332 for more information.

If your Maverick is included, then you will need to visit a local Ford dealership for service. The body control module will be updated to display if turn signals are failing at no cost to owners.

It’s unclear how long this process will take. We recommend calling ahead or scheduling a maintenance appointment online to save time.