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Ram drivers have…a reputation. And while reputations are subjective, the latest study on driving “incidents” is not. Tens of millions of insurance quotes show Ram drivers are more likely to be involved in an incident such as speeding, an accident, or a DUI than drivers of any other brand. And who are the worst offenders? Ram drivers in Massachusetts.

Ram drivers do not have the most incidents of any brand in every state…just 23 of them. But in 11 states, it is Tesla drivers who were involved in the most incidents in 2023.

Here are all the states where Ram drivers were involved in more incidents per capita than any other brand (according to Lending Tree). In parenthesis I show the number of incidents/1,000 Ram drivers.

  • Arizona (30.22)
  • Arkansas (20.73)
  • Connecticut (25.87)
  • Florida (33.30)
  • Georgia (33.80)
  • Illinois (32.23)
  • Kansas (31.33)
  • Louisiana (22.78)
  • Maine (46.27)
  • Maryland (35.76)
  • Massachusetts (64.44)
  • Michigan (17.43)
  • Nebraska (44.46)
  • New Mexico (31.52)
  • New York (20.88)
  • North Carolina (47.49)
  • Ohio (47.81)
  • Oklahoma (24.99)
  • Oregon (43.15)
  • South Carolina (38.59)
  • Texas (38.57)
  • Virginia (41.38)
  • Washington (44.32)
A Ram 1500 TRX damaged from a crash off-road, being towed by a 4WD truck.
Ram 1500 TRX | Screen shot from Trail Mater recovery video

There is some significant range in those numbers. In case you didn’t catch it, Massachusetts-based Ram truck drivers are involved in the highest number of incidents per capita: 64.44 for every 1,000 drivers. No other state even comes close!

But you can take heart in the fact that Ram drivers are not leading every category of “incident.” Nationwide, Tesla drivers were involved in the most accidents per capita: 23.54/1,000 drivers. Ram came in second with 22.76. BMW drivers have the unfortunate distinction of getting the most DUIs: 3.13/1,000 drivers. Ram came in second, again, with 1.72 DUIs/1,000 drivers.

Ram drivers did lead the country in the number of speeding tickets per capita: 4.42/1,000 drivers. But, interestingly, they did not have the most citations. Not even close. Ram drivers had the fifth most citations of any brand: 8/1,000 drivers. So you might say that while Ram drivers are good at getting into trouble, they’re also good at getting out of it.

Another thing Ram truck owners can do is laugh at themselves. See the Ram truck drivers at Heavy Duty Country reveal what Dodge truck guys say in the video below:

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