Ram Rebel TRX, the Raptor Fighter, to Debut Monday.

The Ford Raptor is one robust, offroading machine. It has pretty much been left on its own for a few years by other manufacturers. But, not anymore. Ram announced a definite date for its new TRX offroading pickup to debut. The Ram TRX’s sole purpose is to outdo the Raptor at its own game, hence the name, TRX, as in Tyrannosaurus Rex, which is bigger and badder in the dinosaur world. 

2017 Ram Rebel TRX Concept side
2017 Ram Rebel TRX Concept side | FCA

The Ram Rebel TRX concept was around in 2016

Ram has been teasing the Ram Rebel TRX concept since 2016. In a move to steal some of the recent publicity away from Ford, Ram finally dropped a definite date for the debut of their offroad beast. It will be uncovered for all eyes to see on Monday and noon. Of course, Motorbiscuit will be covering the debut. 

What we think we know about the new TRX

Ram gave a clue today about the name itself. In the past, the truck was referred to as the Ram Rebel TRX. But when the teaser dropped today, it had a simpler hashtag, Ram TRX, sans the Rebel. From the name, we move on to the heart of the beast. That would be a 700+ horsepower powerplant from the Hellcat line of supercharged engines. Aside from that, expect some bigger tires, a bit of a suspension lift, and some TRX specific seat trims and badging. The truck could possibly be launched as a 2021 model. 

A shot taken at Ford and the Raptor

In a clear shot at Ford and its Raptor, Ram announced the debut date on its social media sites with a simple message. That message was, No land is off-limits. The message is fitting as it is linked to an image of offroad, desert dunes. Those are places where the Raptor has excelled almost alone in recent years. So, Ram is clearly announcing its intention to invade the same space. 

Other manufacturers not likely to sit still

Don’t expect the debut to go unanswered by Ford or Chevrolet. Automakers like to give each other a ribbing from time-to-time. When the Ford Bronco was about to be announced, Jeep debuted their electric and V8 Wranglers. However, this time around, Ford could have something up its sleeve to try and steal some of the TRXs thunder. Chevy has also teased their ZRX packaged pickup in the past (although the name is uncertain). So, they might also have a response to Ram’s big day on Monday. This should be fun to watch unfold. 

2017 Ram Rebel TRX Concept rear
2017 Ram Rebel TRX Concept | FCA

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Offroad retailers will probably have something to say as well

Monday is barely a week away. So, expect there to be a lot of off-road related companies turning their attention toward the new Ram by announcing their own goodies, which have likely also been in development. That is not to say that Mopar won’t have some extra goodies available as well. Mopar already has an extensive catalog of goods to upgrade their pickups, and no doubt will for the TRX as well. 

Nobody denies that the Ford Raptor is very good at what it does offroad. But, Ram is not content to let Ford play alone in the sandbox. So, it has put a lot of time and money into creating its own toy to bring to the table. On Monday, the world will finally see that new toy, the TRX.